Insurance: Cuts require treatment

By Martin Howell, May 11, 2011

While spending on the NHS has been ringfenced by the government, it is in all reality a cut in real terms that will plainly affect the quality and delivery of hospital treatment in the years to come. It is much better to receive treatment in a private hospital with hotel type accommodation, without delay. A quality medical insurance policy will enable you to access this treatment at a manageable monthly cost.

At MediSearch, we find that many of our newest customers have been renewing their current policy with the same insurer every year, because they assume there are no alternatives to their current cover. Not so! There are many innovative policies out there. For example:

● Policies where you choose the benefits from a "menu" so you can select the benefits you really need - and not pay for benefits you don't

● A policy that fixes the premiums for a five year period, also placing part of the premium into a fund which remains your property and can be reimbursed to you l Policies that either pay for the treatment if you choose to go private, or pay you the cash equivalent if you choose to use the NHS

● Plans that have no-claims discounts, which rewards infrequent claimers.

What is also different these days is that it is often possible to transfer your cover to a more competitive plan, even if your health has changed - without jeopardy to your cover! By transferring cover, we have saved clients thousands of pounds in one year.

Martin Howell is managing director of MediSearch, a private medical Insurance broker with 20 years' experience. FreeCall 0800 092 9963,

    Last updated: 5:00pm, May 11 2011