Investment: Generous rewards

The definition of a satisfying profit may include ethical benefits.

By Anna Sofat, December 13, 2010
Investors may long to lend a hand to others

Investors may long to lend a hand to others

Bill Gates and Warren Buffet declared recently that they intended to leave a large percentage of their fortunes to worthy charitable causes. They expressed a deep-rooted intention that many people have - to help people who have not been as privileged or fortunate. For many women, though, looking at how to invest, distribute and manage their investments, there may be many different considerations that traditional financial advisors could disregard.

Increasingly, the desire to invest in both ethical and sustainable projects rather than simply demanding higher returns, while needing to have a bespoke investment strategy rather than just a basketful of dizzying products, is what many IFAs fail to grasp.

It states in the Ethics of the Fathers that a person who is happy is one that is happy with his lot and perhaps that could be extended, so that happiness includes the knowledge that investments reflect their ethical and humanitarian requirements.

Personal circumstances, such as children and partners, will inevitably determine financial decisions and Addidi scrupulously helps each client navigate the complex world of finance. This is achieved by incorporating their personal situation, while creating personal plans that can remain objective and financially accountable. Confidence is the foundation for any advice and being objective as well as understanding is key.

Our clients are all different, and it is essential to recognise that an ethical outlook, unique personal objectives and individual financial expectations can be well integrated. Only when the precise and particular aspects of the client's needs are understood does financial planning begin. Providing a structure rather than a plan, a route rather than a product, an aspiration delivered as well as the percentage return, all these are fully understood at Addidi. After all, we are just like you. So yes, it is possible to transform managing wealth into something pleasurable, rewarding and even inspiring.

Anna Sofat is CEO and founder of Addidi Wealth Ltd.

Last updated: 12:03pm, December 13 2010