Professional Advisers: The client is king

Discreet, individual legal services are the hallmark of a Scandinavian firm based near Buckingham Palace

December 13, 2010

Nestled just behind Buckingham Palace, the law firm of Corren Troen is a hive of activity, in stark contrast to the tranquil environ of London's St James's. "We could not have found a more appropriate location for our offices," says Paul Corren, the managing partner. "We are a few minutes' walk from both St James's and Victoria train stations and Catherine Place evokes that wonderful ambience of a high-end residential street. It suits absolutely the clientèle of this firm."

Reflecting its location in this historic cul-de-sac, the law firm is discreet in everything that it does - from the low-key signage, to the way in which the firm's philosophy of discretion and confidentiality is always put to the fore.

Paul comments: "In our first office, when we opened in 2002, our signage went missing. It took months before we had a sign above the door and the funny thing was, our clients loved it. Many of them attract enough attention in their own lives, they don't need their own lawyer attracting too much attention. They just want to be looked after in an exceptional and personal way."

And that describes concisely what Corren Troen is all about. Yes, it is a law firm with a particularly Scandinavian feel. However, what really makes this offering stand out is its central ethos.

"When Per Troen and I set up the practice," says Mr Coren, "we already had many years' experience working together in the Anglo-Scandinavian business markets. We shared the same passion for how law should be transacted and while we had enjoyed working for some real legal power-houses in the City, we wanted our firm to be different. Our clients wanted special attention, each and every one of them; they wanted more of a personal touch and service, rather than a product and they wanted real value for money. We set up the firm around these principles, so that every Corren Troen member of staff carried the same values and ideology. One of the most rewarding things is to see our younger lawyers carry the flag in this way and the feedback from clients is amazing."

Corren Troen puts the client relationship first and builds the legal services around that. While there are specialists within the firm, the key driver is what the client needs. Where necessary, specialist help is brought in from the best legal brains in the country to deliver expertise.

Corren Troen looks after the personal and business lives of high-net-worth individuals in the UK, Denmark, Sweden, Norway, Switzerland, Israel and America. Highly skilled and listening to clients' requirements, Corren Troen's private client and finance team can help shape the most cost-effective, tax-efficient and practical structures for its many domiciled and non-domiciled clients.

The firm is often asked to assist with family and business succession planning, which can involve multiple jurisdictions and a very delicate hand in helping families plan for future generations. It specialises in drafting wills to deal with cross-border matters and foreign assets and can help navigate the difficult path through many of the tax issues.

Clients also bring a wide range of finance, corporate, commercial, property and IT work to Corren Troen. However complicated or sensitive, each item is treated as a bespoke project with a full team allocated and a lead partner who ensures that all is in order.

Last updated: 11:50am, December 13 2010