The JC at Limmud 2013


  • This is the most modest picture of Jessica Rabbit


  • Limmud - what the international Jewish media said

    Here's the views of some guests from abroad at the Limmud conference published over the past few days:

    "The weather was awful, and the food not much better- but everything else about this annual British-Jewish mega-event was fabulous” “Judy Maltz of Ha’aretz

  • The Gateshead Rav on Limmud

    The Gateshead Rav, Rabbi Shraga Faivel Zimmerman, has returned to the question of Limmud, in an article in last week’s edition of the Orthodox weekly, the Jewish Tribune.

  • We’ll be there again next year, say US rabbis

    The United Synagogue rabbis who attended this year’s Lmmud have praised the conference and agreed that Chief Rabbi Ephraim Mirvis was correct in his controversial decision to attend it.

    Nine US rabbis joined the chief rabbi in participating in the five-day cross-communal event, at Warwick University, defying criticism from right-wing sections of the Orthodox community.

  • Limmud audience.JPG

    Limmud: A festival of smiles for young and old

    At a glance, it could have been any other jam-packed bar. But looking closer, you would have seen Chief Rabbi Ephraim Mirvis clinking glasses in the corner, the head of the Masorti movement letting rip on the dance floor, and a rebbetzin rounding up revellers for a late-night rave.

    Such were the eye-opening moments that made Limmud 2013 unforgettable.