The Simon Round interview

Ben Cross: the challenges of playing Harold Abrahams in Chariots of Fire

By Simon Round, July 12, 2012

Ben Cross has around 90 hours of DVDs of all his film performances. So over the years it has irked him a little that he is still primarily known for just one — the first he ever made, Chariots of Fire.


Amy Winehouse - father Mitch sets the record straight

By Simon Round, July 6, 2012

When Amy Winehouse was found dead in her bed on July 23 last year, the rumours started immediately. Some believed that she had committed suicide, others that she had died of a massive drugs overdose. It was said that she was depressed and that her life was in a mess.


Barry Fantoni: the 1960s rebel who was cooler than Mick Jagger and Tom Jones

By Simon Round, June 21, 2012

When something big happened in the 1960s, you could be pretty sure that Barry Fantoni would not be far away.


Interview: Amos Levitov

By Simon Round, March 15, 2012

If anyone is able to understand what is going through the head of released hostage Gilad Shilat, that man is Amos Levitov.

He was a prisoner of war in Egypt from 1970 until his release after the 1973 Yom Kippur war. Levitov now lectures about the psychological consequences his own captivity had for him and he is one of the team helping Shalit to re-adjust to life as a free man in Israel.


Interview: Richard Symons

By Simon Round, March 8, 2012

Yasir Arafat was never very convincing on television. His English was always thickly accented and halting, his ever-present smile looked insincere and the military uniform he wore, allied to his diminutive height, made him appear slightly ridiculous.


Interview: Thomas Buergenthal

By Simon Round, February 23, 2012

Thomas Buergenthal believes in justice. This is not just heartwarming but remarkable because this is a man who has witnessed some of the most depraved behaviour in human history.


Interview: Naomi Richards

By Simon Round, February 16, 2012

Amother bringing up two primary school-aged children will have plenty of problems to solve. How are the kids getting on at school? Are they making friends? Do they have issues with anger or frustration?


Interview: Daniel Sieberg

By Simon Round, February 2, 2012

Daniel Sieberg's wife used to have a nickname for him. She called him "glow worm" because every night when the lights were off, his face was always illuminated by some kind of screen.

She began to get frustrated by her husband's compulsive online behaviour. He would be on social networking sites or surfing the internet and their relationship began to suffer.


Interview: Zoe Strimpel

By Simon Round, January 26, 2012

Like many people at the start of the year, Zoe Strimpel is on a diet. However, for her it is not the cakes and pastries which are being rationed but rather men.


Interview: Bennett Arron

By Simon Round, January 19, 2012

Bennett Arron is used to being in a minority of one. As a boy growing up just outside the Welsh steel town of Port Talbot he was the only Jew in the village.