The Simon Round interview

Interview: Francesca Simon

By Simon Round, December 11, 2008

Horrid Henry is a very naughty boy. He is nasty to his brother, he plays pranks on his teachers and he makes his parents absolutely miserable. Yet one cannot help feeling that his creator, children’s author Francesca Simon, is rather fond of him — and admires many of his qualities.

It is not just the fact that Horrid Henry has become a publishing phenomenon, selling 12 million copies in 27 countries, and has spawned a hit ITV series and now a West End play, Horrid Henry – Live and Horrid. It’s that Henry has what Simon calls a “life force”.


Interview: Houda Nonoo

By Simon Round, December 4, 2008

If there was a competition to find the most unusual job performed by a Jewish woman, Houda Ezra Nonoo would undoubtedly win. As Bahrain’s ambassador to the United States, Nonoo is currently the only Jewish female to be ambassador of an Arab Gulf state. In fact, she is the only Jew ever to be an ambassador of an Arab country. She says her mission is to promote a country of which she feels very proud. Such was the publicity engendered by her appointment that she could fairly have been said to have achieved her goal before she even started her new job in Washington DC in September.