• 'Healthier' doughnuts: a possibility?

    'Healthier' doughnuts: a possibility?

    JC Food hunts down new things for your kitchen and gives you the low down on whether you need it.

  • Chanucah pizzas

    Chanucah pizzas

    These colourful fried pizzas make a great alternative for guests who do not like latkes. Children and adults alike will devour them.


  • 27-11-15-FASHION.jpg

    Gifts you will want to keep

    Treat every family member (including yourself!) with these gorgeous presents that are sure to raise a smile.


  • Why boredom's my best therapy

    Why boredom's my best therapy

    For a man who worked for 10 years retailing computers and calculators, the leap to becoming a successful specialist in therapies such as Clinical Hypnotherapy, CBT and counselling has been a remarkable one for Michael Cohen.

  • Why Aaron Sorkin is cinema's finest talent

    Why Aaron Sorkin is cinema's finest talent

    Sorkin, who comes from a middle-class Jewish family from Scarsdale and started out as a playwright, is at the top of his game