The Simon Round interview

Interview: Oliver Horovitz

By Simon Round, July 10, 2014

Ten years ago, American teenager Oliver Horovitz decided to spend his gap year studying at the University of St Andrews before starting his degree course at Harvard.


Interview: Yuval Adler

By Simon Round, June 16, 2014

Yuval Adler could have been many things. He studied philosophy after army service and went on to study for a PhD at Columbia University. He was also an artist who was good enough to have his work - a mixture of sculpture, installation and video - exhibited in galleries in New York.


Interview: Andy Jacobs

By Simon Round, June 13, 2014

As you read this, Andy Jacobs will be in Rio de Janeiro, a stone's throw from the Copacabana beach, trying desperately to appear as though he is not having too good a time. It will be tricky.


Interview: David Schneider

By Simon Round, June 6, 2014

David Schneider has tried plenty of things in his career, most with success. He has acted in TV comedy, directed, written for film, stage and radio, performed stand-up and appeared in movies.


Stephen Grosz: telling tales from the consulting room

By Simon Round, March 14, 2013

There is something mildly thrilling about sitting in the consulting room of a famous psychoanalyst and asking him a few searching questions about how he feels about the success of his recent book and his motivations for writing it.


Francesca Segal: the Costa Prize-winnning novelist following in her father's footsteps

By Simon Round, January 24, 2013

The most surprising thing about Francesca Segal was that she was in her 30s before she published a novel. Aged three, her imaginary friend was the secretary who would take dictation for her. When she was six, Segal would hand stories she had written over to her father — Erich Segal, the author of Love Story — to take to his publishers.


Karen Ruimy: the high-flyer who gave up finance for flamenco

By Simon Round, January 10, 2013

This is the time of year when many people take a look at their lives and wonder whether they are going in the right direction.


Felix Posen's mission: the first-ever entire record of everything Jewish

By Simon Round, December 27, 2012

Felix Posen is passionate about secular Jewish culture. If it is not a contradiction, he is positively evangelical about it. And he has also been prepared to invest more than just time into his interest.


Richard Young, the photographer who clicks with celebrities

By Simon Round, December 6, 2012

If you believe Richard Young’s account of his own career, he is one of the luckiest photographers around. He tells of how he was working in a bookshop, dabbling in photography, when he obtained a world exclusive by accident.


Brett Wigdortz, the Teach First man who is transforming Britain's schools

By Simon Round, November 29, 2012

If you were looking for someone qualified to lead an initiative to improve the standard of education for under-privileged children, Brett Wigdortz would not be that man. At least, 10 years ago he was not that man — he did not have any relevant skills or experience and he was only 28.