Recipe: New Year cup cakes

By Annabel Karmel, October 3, 2008

I like to make individual cup cakes and, naturally, at this time of year they are made with honey. This recipe only takes about 10 minutes to prepare. If you are feeling creative you can make edible bees to decorate them. I recently visited a bee farm to research a book I'm writing which explains to children where their food comes from. Did you know that the worker bees are all females who, in a lifetime, make only a teaspoon of honey. Male bees do not make honey, have no sting and after mating they immediately die. Evidently they leave part of their anatomy behind!


Recipe: Honey Aubergine Towers

By Jewish Princess, September 26, 2008

To mark the year of the Beijing Olympics, if I were a Chinese JP, this would definitely be "The year of the shoe". After all, heels are reaching new heights, and suddenly Jewish Princesses no longer have Jewish legs. We are now up there with our counterparts (Mariah Carey eat your heart out), with long slender Princess Pins.


Recipe: Torta di mele (Apple cake)

By Silvia Nacamulli, September 19, 2008

What could be more traditional for Rosh Hashanah than apples? OK, maybe honey... but actually they go hand-in-hand. Since last year I proposed a recipe with honey - my traditional chicken breasts with pomegranate and honey - this year it is time for apples.


Recipe: Coq au riesling

By Judi Rose, September 12, 2008

It was Henry IV of France who declared in the 16th century that on Sunday all his subjects should have a chicken to put in the pot. Of course he wasn't thinking of his Jewish subjects in Alsace, but they took his words to heart, cooking their chickens in some of the local Riesling wine, but on Friday, not Sunday.


Recipe: Apple and Blackberry Surprise

By Annabel Karmel, September 4, 2008

How do you deliver pleasure without guilt? When it comes to dessert, I am not one to make cakes from wholemeal flour sweetened with dried fruit or puddings with quinoa and agave syrup. I have yet to find one that tastes good enough to warrant the time it takes to make, but if there any readers who have found a recipe that manages to blend worthiness with pleasure then I would be delighted to try it.


Recipe: Melting Nutty Raspberry Meringue Cake

By Jewish Princess, August 28, 2008

Over the summer holidays I develop a voracious appetite, but whatever I consume, my desire is never satiated. This hunger begins as I study the shelves, sniffing out the best selection from an array of tempting titles. I need just the whiff of an exciting journey (The Kite Runner), a terrifying thriller (The Surgeon), a romantic tear jerker (PS I Love You) or a three-for-two offer (WH Smith). Yes, feasting on fiction is my summer-time treat, and taking the first bite leaves me ready to be consumed by my greedy passion.


Recipe: Chocolate Salami

By Silvia Nacamulli, August 22, 2008


Recipe: Never-fail summer fruit preserves

By Judi Rose, August 15, 2008

This is the time of the year when folk memory tells me I should be busy squirrelling away all the wonderful fruits and berries of high summer and filling the larder with jars of ruby-coloured jam to add a touch of summer sparkle to autumn and winter breakfasts.


Recipe: Fruity chicken curry for kids

By Annabel Karmel, August 8, 2008

It's so easy to fall into cooking habits and stick with a few old favourites that always work. Giving children only the foods that you are sure they will eat can encourage extreme fussiness and may lead to a restricted diet. Getting used to new textures, colours and smells in food will help your child feel eager rather than anxious about eating on holiday or at friends' houses. And introducing favourite cuisines such as Indian, Chinese and Thai at home means your family can enjoy what the world has to offer with no airport queues, no plane delays and no hassle.


Recipe: Coconut Cod

By Jewish Princess, August 1, 2008

The summer holidays have rolled around again. Where does the time go? It seems like only yesterday I was joyously trumpeting Jerusalem in my final school assembly, then screeching my tearful goodbyes and running out of the gates straight to Hampstead for an immediate school reunion, free at last to enjoy the long hot summer that stretched out before me.