Recipe: Krispie Fish Fingers

By Annabel Karmel, June 10, 2011

Rice Krispies make a tasty coating for fish, and I like to make these finger-sized goujons as they can be prepared quickly and can be easily cooked from frozen. Another good coating to try is crushed cornflakes. Simply cut the fish into strips, coat in seasoned flour, lightly beaten egg and then crushed cornflakes, and sauté until golden and cooked through.



Recipe: Pissaladiere(ish) tart

By Victoria Prever, June 10, 2011

This recipe is based on one my mother regularly made which was always a huge hit. A true Provençal pissaladière includes anchovies and sweet, sticky caramelised onions. The onions are hard not to love, but anchovies are not everyone's cup of tea. So here the salty contrast is provided by goat's cheese and olives.


Recipe: Welsh blintzes

By Ruth Joseph, June 2, 2011

I've given this traditional Jewish sweet pancake a savoury and modern Welsh twist by using leeks and Y Fenni cheese. The asparagus adds a seasonal touch. I made them for the Hairy Bikers when they filmed in my home. If you can't find Y Fenni cheese, add a teaspoon of mustard for a piquant flavour. Two blintzes on the plate served rolled are said to represent the giving of the tablets of the law.


Recipe: Honey-roasted beetroot with Lancashire cheese

By Denise Phillips, June 2, 2011

Beetroot takes on a completely new flavour once it has been roasted and mixed with Lancashire cheese. It is delicious hot, cold or warm.

I have added the cheese at the end but if you prefer a slightly gratin effect open up the beetroot parcels 5 minutes before the end of cooking and sprinkle over evenly. Leave the parcels open so that the cheese can cook a little over the beetroot.


Recipe: Chocolate honeycomb marshmallow cheesecake

By Fabienne Viner-Luzzato, June 2, 2011

This very different cheesecake is bound to impress. Do use full-fat cream cheese as it holds better when cooked, and add the honeycomb decoration at the last minute so it keeps its crunch.
Serves 8


For the honeycomb:
● 4 tbsp golden syrup
● 1 tbsp water
● 200g caster sugar
● 3 tbsp bicarbonate of soda

For the cheesecake:


Recipe: Cream cheese frosted carrot cupcakes

By Lisa Roukin, June 2, 2011

These delicious cupcakes are popular in my adult and child classes. For children, I substitute the walnuts for the same quantity of sultanas. Custard powder might seem a strange ingredient to use in icing, but I find it gives a hint of vanilla without being overpowering, which can be the case with vanilla extract. I also love custard.
Makes 18



Recipe: Mandelbrot

By Ruth Joseph, May 27, 2011

These days biscotti are in every coffee shop. But if we reach back into our own Jewish history there's a champion competitor - mandelbrot or nut bread.

The story goes that the Jews who lived in Piedmont, in northern Italy, tasted biscotti and loved them. They took the recipe with them to eastern Europe, and tried to improve on the original by lowering the sugar and reworking the flavours.


Recipe: Chicken Yerushalami

By Clarissa Hyman, May 27, 2011

No Beth Din has ever ruled that the only thing you can do with a liver is chop it. Chopped liver is an Ashkenazi icon, beloved of balabustas and Philip Roth alike, but there is another way. When you give chicken livers a sprinkle of aromatic Mahane-Yehuda spices, it takes you straight into the heart of the Old City.


Recipe: Lemon, garlic & chilli dressed grilled sardines

May 19, 2011

One of my favourite things to do in Israel in the heat of the summer, says Eran Tibi, sous chef at Made in Camden restaurant, is to go to the beach in Tel Aviv and order a plate of sardines fresh off the barbecue. They are usually served very simply with herbs, lemon and pitta bread and a pint of cold beer on the side. This recipe is an interpretation of that nostalgic comfort food.


Recipe: Bagel snake

By Annabel Karmel, May 19, 2011

I am supporting World Jewish Relief's Big Bagel project by donating this bagel snake recipe to their supporters to use in their fund-raising events.

It is a fun way of serving bagels; quick and easy enough for children to help prepare. It is ideal for a special tea or a children's birthday party as you can make the snake as long as you like by using more bagels.