Roasted tomato, orange and almond

By Chris Honor, September 2, 2016

Tomatoes are one of those ingredients that are just as good long cooked as they are freshly picked. This recipe goes for cooking, but to a sort of intermediary stage. The tomatoes roast just enough for the heat of the oven to heighten the natural sugars, but not so long that they break down completely.


Burnt aubergine with pomegranate and tahini sauce

August 26, 2016

You can think of this as a deconstructed baba ganoush. To get the maximum flavour from the aubergines it's best to char them over an open flame on the hob or on a charcoal barbecue.

Serves 4 as a mezze


● 2 aubergines, charred over an open flame and peeled
● Salt and pepper, to taste
● Juice of ½ lemon


Tahini Sauce

August 26, 2016

For a good tahini sauce, you need to start with a good tahini paste. I like Lebanese tahini, as it's rich and natural - the brand I use in the restaurant is Al Nakhil. Every tahini paste is different so the volume of water needed varies.


Date Roulade

August 26, 2016

I really like ma'amul cookies, which consist of crumbly pastry filled with date paste. They are seriously yummy, but each one must be filled individually, and they're usually finished with a special pattern. This lazy version is a filled roulade cut into loads of cookies - ma'amul in half the time.


Chocolate ice cream biscuit cake

By Amir Battito, August 18, 2016

Serves: 8


● 100g white chocolate
● 200g condensed milk
● 100g dark chocolate
● 500g double cream
● 2 tbsp vanilla instant pudding
● 250g digestive or petit beurre biscuits

For the frosting:
● 100g dark chocolate
● 125g double cream


● Melt the white chocolate in a bowl with half the condensed milk, stirring ge


Easy Oreo ice cream

August 18, 2016

I call this ice cream a "cheating" ice cream as it is so easy to prepare and requires very little work. Perfect on a hot, lazy day. You can make it dairy or parev - whatever suits. Use the larger sized tub of ice cream to feed more people.


Cod ceviche

By Natacha Osorio, August 12, 2016

Traditionally a Peruvian dish, this one is Colombian and very much a family version. Although it isn't cooked (on hob or oven) the lime marinade will give the fish a cooked texture. Ideal served as a side dish or as a starter.

Although I have suggested cod, traditionally the fish used for ceviche is sea bass. Either must be very fresh and properly skinned.


Sybil's mandelbreads

By Bunny Barnett, August 12, 2016

The original recipe for these mandelbreads came from my grandmother Hetty Levy, who handed the recipe down to my mother, Sybil Lewis, who eventually passed it on to me.


Olive bread swirls

By Denise Phillips, August 4, 2016

These swirls of bread dough are stuffed with a black tapenade paste that is then topped with green olives. Tasty on their own but also delicious with soup, stews and with your favourite cheese.

Makes: approximately 30

Preparation: 25 minutes plus rising 1 hour 20 minutes

Cooking: 20 minutes


7g sachet easy-blend dried yeast


Khubez — pitta bread

By Joudie Kalla, August 4, 2016

Is there anything more satisfying than making your own bread? I think not. Auntie Dunia is the pastry queen in my family and this is her recipe. We eat this type of bread all over the Middle East. The breads can vary in thickness but generally this is our staple version. I love eating pitta with everything because it is light and doesn't overpower any dish.