Recipe: Thai sweet potato soup

By Jewish Princess, October 23, 2008

Do you ever feel like you are on a treadmill? Well that's probably because you are. The number of Princesses I bump into at the gym, I swear they are super-glued to the machines. Whatever time of day I turn up, there they are, lined up and ready for the "off", tapping in their latest exercise programme, not a hair out of place, sporting the latest in Lycra.

They run, climb mountains and cycle miles and miles only to find that by the end of their gruelling journey, they haven't even left the spot. They have picked up a wealth of valuable information, though, from tips on the latest anti-cellulite cream to who is divorcing who, and the hottest new restaurants.

However, if you want to wear the Cinderella of jeans, size 27 (OK, size 28) and below, and were not born with the "skinny gene" (not commonly found in JPs), then I am afraid, to get the perfect fit, you simply have to be very fit. As my PPT, Princess Personal Trainer says, "fail to train, train to fail".

Not that I mind working out, I have actually worked out that moving but going nowhere is incredibly therapeutic. As I clear my mind and go into a Zen-like state, what do I find myself focusing on? Food, yes even while I am rowing down imaginary rivers, boxing a bag or my latest calorie busting exercise, skipping (but not skipping a meal), I come up with some of my most inspirational recipe ideas. In fact, when it comes to fitness and diet, it is vitally important to fuel one's body like a racing car, and if your body runs like a Ferrari you need Formula 1 recipes to keep you going. So this week, Jewish Princess makes a post-workout Princess power-packed soup, designed for those who climb 28 floors on a moving escalator and never even reach a shop.

The Jewish Princess is written with the help of Tracey Fine and Georgie Tarn (above). See


● 1 tablespoon olive oil
● 1 onion
● 3 small leeks
● 2 potatoes
● 3 sweet potatoes
● ½ teaspoon lemon grass paste
● ¼ red chillis
● Small knob of ginger
● 2 litres vegetable stock
● Juice of 1 lime
● Zest of ½ a lime
● 4 tablespoons coconut cream
● Salt

● Sweat onions and leeks in olive oil
● Add potatoes, sweet potatoes, lemon grass, chillis, ginger and stock
● Bring to the boil then simmer until vegetables are soft
● Blend
● Add lime juice, zest and stir the coconut cream into the soup
● Season with salt

● JP's notes:A soup worth Thai-ing


Last updated: 11:52am, October 23 2008