Recipe: Melting Nutty Raspberry Meringue Cake

By Jewish Princess, August 28, 2008

Over the summer holidays I develop a voracious appetite, but whatever I consume, my desire is never satiated. This hunger begins as I study the shelves, sniffing out the best selection from an array of tempting titles. I need just the whiff of an exciting journey (The Kite Runner), a terrifying thriller (The Surgeon), a romantic tear jerker (PS I Love You) or a three-for-two offer (WH Smith). Yes, feasting on fiction is my summer-time treat, and taking the first bite leaves me ready to be consumed by my greedy passion.
However, there is nothing worse than sitting (or lying) down to a promising find and finding half-way through it has gone right off the boil. However, when the flavour is there from page one (and NOT page 241, I am simply not that patient), there is no greater high.

My love of literature, like my love of shopping, knows no bounds. This Princess Pleasure completely takes me over and I have been known to whip out a novel in a restaurant or read a murder mystery through the night, desperately trying not to jump straight to the back to find out who did it (come on we've all done that). Or balance my Pulitzer Prize winner (OK, I admit I am more of a chick-lit girl) on my knee, with one hand in the manicurist's bowl and the other turning the pages.

So this week, what does The Jewish Princess make from a brand new book by her favourite authors, The Jewish Princess Feasts and Festivals with Family and Friends (Quadrille £12.99)? It's Melting Nutty Raspberry Meringue Cake.

The Jewish Princess is written with the help of Tracey Fine and Georgie Tarn and (above). See Next week: Annabel Karmel

Serves 8 (or 6 with a very big appetite)

5 egg whites
300g caster sugar
1 teaspoon vanilla essence
150g bashed hazelnuts (resemble breadcrumbs)
284ml double cream
450g fresh raspberries
icing sugar to taste

● Preheat oven gas mark 3/170°c
● Whisk the egg whites until stiff
● Slowly add the caster sugar
● Fold in vanilla essence and hazelnuts
● Line two 25cm sandwich tins and place half the mixture in each
● Bake in a pre-heated oven for approximately 60 minutes
● Leave to cool in oven
● Whip double cream
● Sandwich the two cake halves together with cream and half the raspberries
● Using a hand blender, mix together the other half of the raspberries with icing sugar to make the sauce (you decide how sweet you like it).
● When serving, cut a large slice and drizzle the raspberry sauce over.
JP'S NOTES: All the right ingredients to make another bestseller.


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