Recipe: Melon and Smoked Salmon Kebabs

By Evelyn Rose, July 22, 2011

These make perfect taste "ticklers" to serve with drinks in the garden before a summer lunch party.

Makes 48. Eat the same day. Serves 10 generously.


● 1 medium-sized Galia or Ogen melon, well ripened
● 8 oz (225g) first-quality thinly sliced smoked salmon
● Juice ½ lemon
● Black pepper
● Few sprigs dill, fennel or parsley, to serve
● Tomatoes and fresh cucumber to serve (optional)


● Cut the melon in half, remove the seeds and peel completely (most easily with a serrated knife). Cut into bite-size dice, then put into a sieve to drain for at least half an hour (it can be refrigerated at this point for up to 12 hours).
● About 45 minutes before serving, turn the dice on to paper towels and dab them as dry as possible.
● Sprinkle the salmon slices with lemon juice and black pepper. Cut each slice into strips ¾–1 inch (2–2.5 cm) wide and just long enough to encircle the cubes of melon.
● Wrap each strip round a cube and spear closed with a cocktail stick, then arrange on a flat dish, garnished with the dill or fennel.

Adapted from 'The New Complete International Jewish Cookbook'

Last updated: 9:37am, July 22 2011