Recipe: Bagel snake

By Annabel Karmel, May 19, 2011

I am supporting World Jewish Relief's Big Bagel project by donating this bagel snake recipe to their supporters to use in their fund-raising events.

It is a fun way of serving bagels; quick and easy enough for children to help prepare. It is ideal for a special tea or a children's birthday party as you can make the snake as long as you like by using more bagels.

The Big Bagel runs throughout June, and is all about families, friends, schools and offices across the UK getting together, to eat bagels and raise funds for WJR.

Perhaps you could hold a children's bagel snake party as a way of helping the cause.


● 2 bagels

Tuna salad topping
● 1x 200g can of tuna in oil (drained)
● 2 tbsp ketchup
● 2 tbsp crème fraiche or Greek yoghurt
● 2 spring onions, finely sliced

Egg salad topping
● 2 or 3 hard boiled eggs
● 3tbsp mayonnaise
● 1tbsp snipped fresh chives
● 3tbsp salad cress
● Salt and black pepper

For decoration:
● Chives
● Cherry tomatoes, halved
● 1 stuffed olive, sliced
● Strip of sweet pepper


● Halve the bagels horizontally, and then cut each half down the centre to form a semi circle. Cut out two wedge shapes for the head and tail.
● Mix the ingredients for the toppings. Spread half the bagels with tuna and half with egg.
● Decorate the tuna topping with halved cherry tomatoes and the egg topping with strips of chives arranged in a criss-cross pattern.
● Arrange the bagels to form the body of a snake, then attach the head and tail to the snake's body.
● Use two slices of stuffed olive to form the eyes and cut out a forked tongue from the strip of sweet pepper.

For more information on the Big Bagel, visit or call 020 8736 1250

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Last updated: 10:05am, May 19 2011