Bread and butter pudding

By Annabel Karmel, April 12, 2011

With Passover around the corner you will be looking for ways to use up your bread. This recipe is easy enough for your children to make with you. It is from a 30-part TV series on cooking for children, called "Annabel's Kitchen", that I am launching this month on CiTV and ITV. The series features Jummy, a calamitous penguin who helps me out in the kitchen, and the Singing Cupcakes.

Makes 4 ramekins


● 4 small slices white bread
● 30g butter, softened
● 1 heaped tbsp apricot jam
● 50g sultanas
● 1 tsp vanilla extract
● 1 large egg, beaten
● 150ml double cream
● 100ml milk
● 50g caster sugar
● 2 tbsp Demerera sugar


● Preheat oven: 180°C fan.
● Spread one side of the bread with butter then the jam. Cut off the crusts, then cut each slice of bread into 4 triangles.
● Arrange the triangles in 4 ramekins or small (10cm) ovenproof dishes or in one larger dish and scatter over the sultanas.
● In a jug, mix the egg, vanilla extract, double cream, milk and caster sugar. Divide equally between the ramekins and sprinkle over the sugar. Leave to stand for 20 minutes.
● Bake in the oven for 20 minutes until puffy and lightly golden brown. Serve hot.

Last updated: 1:46pm, April 12 2011