Recipe: Spicy plantains

By Jewish Princess, November 12, 2009

What puts the X into X-Factor, the missing ingredient that makes something X-tra special? Of course, we all like to believe we have the X-Factor, that we can belt out a tune like Whitney (I regularly try in the shower) and dance like Fred Astaire (I am showing my age here. OK, like Justin Timberlake for younger readers.)

I realise I may not have the X-factor when it comes to singing and dancing, as no one comes near my bathroom when I am taking a shower. And when I watch myself dance on bar/batmitzvah videos, I immediately reach for the fast forward button.

However, in the kitchen I am the diva of dishes, the Piaff of pies and the Gene Kelly of jelly. I just seem to have a natural talent for transforming ingredients into X-citing, X-cellent food.

Therefore, when I discover a new ingredient which I don’t always know X-actly what to do with, I don’t suffer stage fright and actually enjoy the challenge of creating something new that has star quality and will titillate my fans’ taste buds.

So, this week, the Jewish Princess has been auditioning the plantain and, after much X-perimentation (once I worked out how to open it), has created another sensational, number-one hit.

Nibbles for 8-10

● 2 plantains, peeled and cut into thin slices
● 2 large eggs
● 2 teaspoons hot chilli in sunflower oil
● 200g plain flour
● Vegetable oil
● Salt
● Cayenne pepper

● Lightly beat two eggs with hot chilli
● Take three zip lock bags.Place half of the flour in one, egg mixture in the other and the rest of the flour in the third.
● Season plantain with salt
● Pour the plantains into the first bag of flour, then place them in a sieve and remove excess flour.
● Transfer them into the egg mixture.
● Finally, place into the second bag of flour and remove excess flour in a sieve.
● Heat vegetable oil in a deep sided frying pan, enough to cover plantains.
● Fry until golden brown.
● Remove and place on kitchen paper to remove any excess oil.
● Season with salt and cayenne pepper
● Serve warm
● JP’s notes: Princess Perfect to nosh while you are watching the X-Factor

The Jewish Princess writes with the help of Georgie Tarn and Tracey Fine.

Last updated: 11:38am, November 12 2009