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Politics is ruining my friendships

By Hilary Freeman, May 12, 2016

Q A lot of my Facebook friends support Jeremy Corbyn and don't seem to understand the problem with antisemitism. I've voted Labour all my life but, for the first time, I feel really lost. Normally, I ignore people who rant politically on Facebook but recently it has become too much to bear.


Let's not keep deluding ourselves

By Grant Feller, May 5, 2016

I have the diary entry in front of me. I wrote the words down a day or so after the event because the significance took a while to register, such was my shock. I had been summoned into the office of an extremely important and powerful public figure. An intimidating one, too.


Passover, Chinese-style

By Karen Yossman, May 5, 2016

At a glance, it could have been any other Passover Seder. We guzzled wine and grape juice, dipped lettuce in salt water, sang Dayenu with out-of-tune gusto, and made incessant inquiries about when the food was coming out (that last one was possibly just me). But, despite all the traditional elements, this Seder night was different from all other Seder nights.


I can heal with my hands

By Naomi Firsht, May 5, 2016

It is hard to know what to expect when you meet a spiritual healer. I envisaged rainbow-coloured robes and an odd hat. Suffice to say: someone a bit batty. So I was taken aback by the normal, affable-looking man in chinos and a blazer who greeted me at High Barnet tube station.


My aim is to ensure no one forgets

By Rosa Doherty, May 4, 2016

On Yom Hashoah, communities across the world remember the six million Jewish lives lost at the hands of Hitler's Nazi regime. Here, Zigi Shipper tells the JC why it took him more than 50 years to share his own experiences, while his daughter Michelle Richman and grandson Darren Richman explain the effect his story has had on their family.


The community forgets divorced fathers suffer too

By Hilary Freeman, May 3, 2016

Q When I separated after a long marriage, everyone told me how hard it would be as a divorced Jewish dad, but I didn’t believe them. I should have known better! I’ve lost touch with people I’ve been friends with for 20 years. I rarely get invited out for Shabbat meals as it’s always the women who arrange the diaries.


Remember both bride and prejudice

By Karen Pollock, April 27, 2016

When Gena Turgel was liberated from Bergen-Belsen concentration camp on April 15, 1945, I am sure that she would have found it hard to believe that she would get married, have children and make a life for herself here in Britain.


The last Jewish woman of Sark

By Eric Lee, April 27, 2016

One of the most shocking documents on display at Yad Vashem is a typed list prepared by Adolf Eichmann for the Wannsee conference held in January 1942. That meeting sealed the fate of Europe's Jews, and Eichmann's research gave a breakdown, country-by-country, of the estimated 11 million Jews on the continent.


How dare JFS mums judge me

By Sandy Rashty, April 21, 2016

Katie Rodinsky, a mother of five from North London with a sedate life, a nice house and close circle of friends, has a confession to make.

Six months ago, she posed for her first-ever erotic photo-shoot - and she loved it.


250 years of Brighton's flock

By Alex Brummer, April 21, 2016

The pews were filled to the gunnels and the galleries full of women in fine, wide brimmed hats. The temporary benches in front of the exquisitely carved wooden Aron Kodesh were crowded with youngsters, the awkwardly attired, once-a-year shul-goers, and the bookies and hucksters in loud, checked suits - characters straight out of Graham Greene.