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I went on TV to find love

By Simon Round, July 11, 2008

Dan Shell agreed to let an ITV camera crew follow his attempts at internet dating. Any regrets?

Finding true love can be a tricky and unpredictable journey. It is a process that most people like to conduct with a degree of privacy. However, 38-year-old Dan Shell has decided to allow the television-viewing public to follow his romantic progress.


So you want to be 100?

By Alex Kasriel, June 13, 2008
Being Jewish helps. So does being active and adapting to change. We ask the centenarians and scientists for expert advice

Hannah Cripps, Miriam Shenker, Rose Carr, Dolly Phillips and Eva Lewis have plenty in common. They all consider themselves to have a positive outlook on life; they are fiercely independent; none smokes or drinks… and all have reached 100 years of age or more.


One wife isn’t enough... so they take two or three

By Simon Griver, April 25, 2008

Polygamy is common among Bedouin Arabs in the Negev. Now the Israeli government wants to stamp down. But is it too late? An Israeli army tracker killed last month while patrolling the fence dividing Israel from Gaza was survived by his seven children — and his two wives. On the day the soldier’s Jeep was blown up by a roadside bomb (his name was not released at the request of his family), he was due to return home to the Bedouin settlement of Tel Arad, in the Negev desert, for a traditional Bedouin Muslim betrothal ceremony... to the woman pledged to become his third wife.


Next year in ... Sydney

By Jan Shure, April 18, 2008

Israel is not the only popular destination for British Jews seeking a new life in the sun among others of their faith. It may not quite be aliyah — but Australia’s pull is rising


Now you can join celebrity boot camp

By Louise Scodie, April 11, 2008

Think Celebrity Fit Club but without the whinging self-serving of celebrity participants. That is NuBeginnings, a new style weight-loss and wellness retreat in Devon, that is more about relaxation, nurturing and retraining than carrot juice, crying and self-flagellation.


The paralysed blogger who logged on to love

By Lianne Kolirin, April 4, 2008

When Ronen Porat wrote a blog and later a book about his terminal illness, he found fame... and romance. Ronen Porat has a lot of friends. Some are from childhood, some are from the army, and dozens upon dozens are people that he has met over the internet. But Porat is not your average blogger. He shot to fame in Israel in 2003 when his story grabbed at the collective heartstrings of the nation. What made his tale so different from the millions of others floating around in cyberspace were the challenges that he overcame to write it.