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Interview: Prince Hassan of Jordan

By Adam Lebor, December 15, 2011

It is a rare Arab leader who says the Arab world can learn from Israel. But Hassan bin Talal, Prince of Jordan, is a realist, a pragmatist and one of the most outspoken reformers in the Middle East.

He praises Israel's "tenacity of purpose - to draw your line in the sand and say, here I will stand, to promote a shared public interest, in which all my population can participate.


The Nobel winner who was told he was a disgrace

By Nathan Jeffay, December 9, 2011

It could be the closing scene of a feel-good film. But it will happen for real, tomorrow afternoon. Israeli scientist Dan Shechtman, mocked for years for his off-the-wall theory, has not only been proved correct, but he will climb to the podium at Stockholm Concert Hall and receive the Nobel Prize for chemistry. The award is often shared by several people , but he has it all to himself.


Obama's Israel policy could mean the end of his presidency

By Jenni Frazer, December 8, 2011

If you cut David Frum, there is every possibility his blood would run Republican Party blue.


A year after the Carmel fire, the anger still burns

By Nathan Jeffay, December 2, 2011

There were flames everywhere, clouds of ash, and a smell that left you gasping for air. There was fear, as people ran from their homes, and tears, as 44 people died.


The Jew who created Hitler's people's car

By Jessica Elgot, December 1, 2011

Everyone thinks they know the story of the Volkswagen Beetle. Created by Ferdinand Porsche, under the guidance of Adolf Hitler, the Beetle is not only the most popular car of all time, it was the most successful project of the Nazis.


Interview: Susan Greenfield

By Lynne Franks, November 24, 2011

Lynne Franks: How has the Jewish aspect of your upbringing influenced you?

Susan Greenfield: My Jewish credentials are through my father's father who was a first-generation immigrant from a shtetl in Austria who came over as a baby towards the end of the 19th century. My dad was born in 1915 and grew up in the East End and spoke some Yiddish.


Still marching, the Ajex heroes who defy time

By Michael Freedland, November 17, 2011

It is not unknown for Jews to make up new words. It is part of the psyche of a people as rich in vocabulary as in history. But there is one four-letter word that is wonderfully redolent of service to the Anglo-Jewish community. It will not be found in any dictionary. It is frequently misspelt. But at this time of year, in particular, it should be on the lips of every thinking British Jew.


Barmitzvah party? It's not always fun

By Louise Tyler, November 17, 2011

Bar- and batmitzvah celebrations happen to coincide with the onset of adolescence for many youngsters. Inevitably they will be experiencing a series of dramatic psychological changes and social occasions during this time can feel like an emotional obstacle course. The self-esteem of early adolescents can be fragile, and little is more important than the feeling of being accepted by their peers.


Taking a walk through time to the old East End

By Monica Porter, November 11, 2011

London Walks, one of the capital's longest established walking tour companies, offers an "Old Jewish Quarter" tour of the East End. I have been on several of their enlightening guided walks - they have scores of them - but I wondered about this one. Hasn't that Jewish past been swept away by the curry houses and mosques of later Asian immigrants? What is there left to see? Quite a bit, actually.


The unit that delivers

By Nathan Jeffay, November 10, 2011

Birth rates are sky high and intensive care baby units are running out of space for cribs. But while British hospitals might buckle under these conditions, Jerusalem's Shaare Zedek Medical Centre is thriving.

In fact, the growth in demand at Shaare Zedek's maternity department has been larger than most British hospitals can imagine.