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The REAL meaning of Jaws

By Nathan Abrams, June 18, 2015

This month marks the 40th anniversary of Steven Spielberg's film Jaws. You may be very familiar with the film but did you know that Jaws can be read as Jewish? For example, why is the film even called "Jaws" in the first place? It is because the title is only one syllable away from the word 'Jews'.


You don't have to be black - or Jewish

By Monica Porter, June 18, 2015

The most bizarre news story to hit the headlines last week was the one about the American black civil rights activist Rachel Dolezal, who was revealed to be covertly white.


"Please remember me and my family". Rosie Choueka's final blog

June 16, 2015

The final blog post of a young Jewish mother from north-west London, who died from cancer this week, has gone viral. Rosie Choueka, a lawyer, was diagnosed with breast cancer in June 2014, and wrote a blog about her experience called Fighting Genghis. Here is her final post:


So why is Israeli TV top of the box?

By Rita Kupfer, June 15, 2015

At the recent French International TV Festival Series Mania, yet another Israeli TV series drew a lot of attention. This time it was False Flag ("Kfulim" in Hebrew), a new spy thriller that will debut in Israel next October, that won the Public Prize.


In praise of the notorious RBG (Ruth Bader Ginsburg)

By Robert Philpot, June 14, 2015

Ruth Bader Ginsburg is an unlikely cultural icon. For most of her two decades on the US Supreme Court, the diminutive 82-year-old grandmother has kept a low profile. When Bill Clinton nominated her in 1993 to be only the second woman, and the first Jewish woman, to sit on America's highest court, Ginsburg was considered "a judge's judge" - and a cautious one at that.


Taut, urgent and elegant - this is why we long for the short story

June 12, 2015

As a short-story writer, I am often asked by friends and family: ''So, when are you going to write a novel?" A literary urban myth persists that a collection of short stories is easier to write and less substantial to read than a novel, as if fewer words mean less work for the writer and less reward for the reader. Yet the opposite is true: every word counts in a short story.


The technology helping us to find love at first swipe

By Josh Jackman, June 12, 2015

Dating is difficult. Finding the right person for you is an emotional rollercoaster of break-ups, tears and seeing your friends get engaged while you stay single.

And it’s even more difficult when you are Jewish (see our case studies below).


Art Garfunkel: The truth about me and Paul

By Paul Lester, June 11, 2015

At a hotel in London, one half of the most popular duo in rock history is apologising for keeping me waiting. No worries, I tell him. I don't have anything else on, apart from an interview for the JC later in the day with comedian Jackie Mason. "Isn't he fabulous?" Art Garfunkel says with a smile, taking a seat in the bar. "I'm wild about that guy.


Jonathan Sacks Exclusive: Abraham’s true legacy

By Johnathan Sacks, June 11, 2015

Today, Jews, Christians and Muslims must stand together, in defence of humanity, the sanctity of life, religious freedom and the honour of God himself. The real clash of the 21st century will not be between civilisations or religions, but within them. It will be between those who accept and those who reject the separation of religion and power.


'Enemy aliens': The untold story of the women on Man

By Sarah Ebner, June 7, 2015

Katherine Hallgarten was just a year old when she became an "enemy alien" in the Second World War. As hysteria against the Germans grew, she and her mother, Ruth Borchard, were removed from London to the Isle of Man. They had no idea when they would return.