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A B Yehoshua — the writer still shaping Israel’s identity

By David Herman, February 28, 2013

A B Yehoshua has been one of Israel’s leading writers for more than half a century, since he and Amoz Oz and Aharon Appelfeld met as young students in Jerusalem in the 1950s. His recent novels have a wonderful restraint, an increasingly elegiac feel. But in person, Yehoshua is full of energy and passion, the words pour forth in fluent English.


The photographer who got up close and personal with Elvis

By Melanie Abrams, February 14, 2013

Alfred Wertheimer was 26 when he landed the job of a lifetime — photographing an up-and-coming singer by the name of Elvis Presley. Wertheimer had never heard of him.


Wolf Mankowitz - the man who did everything

By Gerald Jacobs, February 14, 2013

“A Renaissance man.”
“A sort of East End [James] Joyce.”
“A f*** ’em Jew.”


How I nearly lost my miracle baby - a mother's moving story

By Nadine Young, February 7, 2013

At five weeks and five days pregnant, with my best friend in tow for moral support, I lay on the couch, butterflies in my stomach, waiting for the doctor to point out the baby’s heartbeat. But there was nothing but silence — a silence that stretched longer and longer and louder and louder, until finally I asked him what was wrong.


Don’t let online dating break your heart

By Sandy Rashty, February 1, 2013

What ever did we do before online dating? It is hard to imagine that, before the arrival of JDate and the like, young Jews depended on finding partners through such unreliable methods as introductions, mutual friends and — shock, horror — chance meetings at parties.


Advice from the coach: Once you’ve got a date, how do you make sure it goes well?

By Sandy Rashty, February 1, 2013

Dating coach Jo Barnett offers her tips:

- It’s an obvious point, but make the most of your looks. Always have nice hair, make-up and never wear too many layers — it will remind him of his grandma.


Fitness: How to exercise without stepping out of your front door

By Laurel Alper, February 1, 2013

Exercising at home can help you stick to a regime — you save time and, without gym fees, money too. This workout incorporates all the major muscle groups, with each exercise to last for 30 seconds -1 minute. In between each exercise, spend 30 seconds–1 minute stretching different muscles. (Always consult your doctor before beginning a new programme.)


About that 'nightmare' Shabbat - the rabbi responds

By Rabbi Elchonon Feldman, January 31, 2013

Rabbis worldwide have formed a secret society and many of us meet together regularly to discuss issues at hand. These include world domination, subliminal messaging and, of course, how much whisky is religiously necessary for a proper traditional kiddush.


NW Jew: Israelis are so contradictory. Oh no they're not

By NW Jew, January 31, 2013

Whether it is this government, the last government, every government since democracy began or the EU that is to blame, there is no doubt that we have a serious immigration problem in this country, and a short walk around Hendon will leave you in no doubt as to the impact all these Israelis are having on our society.


A Woman's Work: Barmitzvah boy - the musical

By Keren David, January 24, 2013

In the last few months I’ve enjoyed answering the “what do you do?” question more than usual. “I’m writing a musical,” I say. So far the response has been overwhelmingly positive. Musicals, it seems, make people happy and excited.