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The rare genetic disorder that means Chanochi can never eat

By Andrea Kon, October 7, 2011

Lying on his back, arms above his head, tumbled golden curls against his pillow, tiny Chanochi Pearl looks a gorgeous, healthy toddler. Until, that is, you notice the oxygen tubes in his nostrils, filling his damaged lungs, and the bottle of liquid by his cot plumbed to a plug in his tummy, pumping his body with essential nutrients.


Why victory at Cable Street really belonged to Mosley's fascists

By Daniel Tilles, October 6, 2011

The Battle of Cable Street, 75 years ago this week, has taken a proud place in Jewish collective memory, regarded as a decisive victory against Oswald Mosley's British Union of Fascists. Yet looking past the popular mythology, and at contemporary records instead, we find a very different picture.


She fights Parkinson's with poetry

By Anthea Gerrie, September 28, 2011

Many young women suffering from an incurable disease, leaving them debilitated and in excruciating pain, would allow their lives to be blighted with bitterness. But not Elaine Benton, who was diagnosed at five-years-old with Gaucher's disease, a genetic condition which disproportionately affects Ashkenazi Jews.


Interview: Noreena Hertz

By Lynne Franks, September 27, 2011

Lynne Franks: I am interested in what being a Jewish woman feels like for you in today's society and how your upbringing as a young Jewish woman has affected your view of the world. Both your parents were Israelis weren't they?

Noreena Hertz: Yes. They were both born in… Well, it wasn't even Israel then.

LF: Palestine.


Interview: Daniel Taub

By Jenni Frazer, September 22, 2011

Israel's last ambassador to the UK, Ron Prosor, was very fond of singing. His successor, Daniel Taub, has an equally creative side, albeit even more unexpected for a diplomat - he has written a soap opera.


Our hard Jewish lives - a snapshot from abroad

By Brian Davis, September 12, 2011

Recently 100 young people from around the world gathered at the New North London Synagogue and Warwick University, for Machol Europa, a series of courses and workshops organised by the Israeli Dance Institute. They took the opportunity to reveal what Jewish life is like in their countries.

Luciane Bleivis, aged 35, from Sao Paulo, Brazil


'At Ground Zero, it was as if I was looking into hell'

By Rabbi Jeremy Gordon, September 8, 2011

In my mind's eye 9/11 exists in monochrome - white and black - with the occasional red-orange glow. I still feel the granular particles in my eyes and nose.


'I broke into Auschwitz, I had to see it for myself'

By Angela Epstein, September 1, 2011

The view from Denis Avey's hill- top Derbyshire cottage is spectacular. Little wonder the sprightly 92-year-old loves relaxing in his favourite armchair and looking out over the fields and hills surrounding his lovely home.


'The dark side of the land of milk and honey'

By Sharon Maxwell-Magnus, September 1, 2011

Nine-year-old Ezra giggles bashfully as he ponders what he likes about his children's home in Jerusalem. The food, he replies. That is not surprising. The food at the Reut home for boys, an intensive therapeutic centre for boys with major emotional and behavioural problems, arrives three times a day.


How to cope with the stress of starting school - if you're a parent

By Sarah Ebner, August 30, 2011

Marc Polivnick is, in his own words, "excited and nervous". He is excited because his daughter, Ariella, who is nearly four, is soon to embark on a new stage in her life. And he is nervous for exactly the same reason. Why? Because Ariella is starting school.