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How the work of Odessa children’s home touched the heart of duchess

By Zoe Winograd, June 27, 2013

Invited to the May fundraising dinner of the British support group for the Tikva children’s home in Odessa, the Duchess of York was so moved by the stories of its work that she asked the charity if she could visit.


Express delivery: Richard Desmond's mission to rabbi’s Pinsk orphanage

By Richard Desmond, June 20, 2013

Throughout my life, I have always felt a responsibility to help many charities — UK based, those in Third World countries and Jewish causes worldwide. Rarely a day passes when I don’t get a call from someone telling me about another commendable organisation that needs help — and they all genuinely do.


Dr Elli Cannon: what it means when your doctor says "You have Osteopenia"

By Dr Ellie Cannon, June 20, 2013

Osteopenia is a condition when the bones have lost some of their density. They are not as strong and thick as normal bones, but they are not bad enough to be termed osteoporosis. It is part of a spectrum of bone change and osteopenia is the stage before osteoporosis.


The Best Of Blooming Fashion

By Brigit Grant, May 2, 2013

Just the sight of crocuses through a park railing is enough to ignite a communal sentiment of “Phew, we made it through the winter — time to store those balaclavas.”


Meet the fur fashion king with a nose for scent

By Brigit Grant, April 25, 2013

I've always rather fancied the idea of living in a hotel. While others obsess about properties with multiple rooms, the notion of residing in just one has much more appeal. Room service, fresh towels, a Do Not Disturb sign on the door and a stream of new neighbours has to be the perfect domicile arrangement — particularly if that room is in Claridges.


Why your child needs an MMR jab

By Ellie Cannon, April 18, 2013

During one of my recent TV interviews about the current measles outbreak in Wales, the presenter was shocked that GPs misdiagnose measles as a viral infection. This is not shocking at all for two reasons. Firstly, measles is a viral infection that initially looks like other standard viruses all our children get.


Making art to ease the pain in a city of sorrow

By Monica Petzal, April 4, 2013

I first came to Dresden in 1985 as part of a family “restitution” visit to my father’s birthplace of West Berlin. It was before the re-unification, the “change” as they call it there, and we crossed the Berlin Wall into the German Democratic Republic at Friedrichstrasse.


Chim: Photography's forgotten hero

By Melanie Abrams, April 3, 2013

Dawid Szymin was destined to run his family’s Yiddish and Hebrew publishing house in Warsaw — until he discovered photography.

In truth, he had already strayed from the path mapped out for him by his parents, having opted to study graphic arts in Leipzig and then at the Sorbonne in Paris.


Revealed: the inside story of the prison rabbis

By Anna Sheinman, March 27, 2013

When a non-Jew in prison wants to claim they are Jewish, as apparently happens “all the time”, one of the first things they do is ask for a Torah.

“They say: ‘I wanna Taawrah’,” explains Rabbi Michael Binstock, director of Jewish Prison Chaplaincy, who has been working as a prison rabbi in England and Wales for over 40 years.


I didn't want a traditional headstone for my father's grave. But what was the alternative?

By Stephen Games, March 21, 2013

The United Synagogue licenses only three firms of stone-masons to work in its cemeteries. Each has its own catalogue of headstones, but there is little to choose between them.