Advice from the coach: Once you’ve got a date, how do you make sure it goes well?

By Sandy Rashty, February 1, 2013
Jo Barnett

Jo Barnett

Dating coach Jo Barnett offers her tips:

- It’s an obvious point, but make the most of your looks. Always have nice hair, make-up and never wear too many layers — it will remind him of his grandma.

- Spend time working out what you want from the date. What qualities are you looking for in a man? Narrow it down to three and you’ll recognise them when you see them.

- Always speak in a positive way. Don’t bitch about friends, your job or parents. If you’re in a negative mood, postpone the date. Focus on what you’re passionate about. You’ll lighten up and instantly appear more attractive.

- View the date as an opportunity to go out and have fun. You’ll both be less nervous.
You’ll instantly put him at ease when you smile and laugh a lot.

- It may sound corny but always act as a gentleman. Don’t be offensive. I’ve seen JDate profiles with men warning “Jewish Princesses need not apply” – we’re all princesses!

- A man needs to listen and ask questions. He must ensure that he’s not always talking about himself.

- Notice what makes her laugh. Humour is attractive, especially if you can laugh at yourself.

- Woman are first and foremost looking for a man. Jewish guys can often be mummies boys. They need to do whatever they can dispel that image.

- Women want a partner who takes care of himself. Before a date, have a haircut, wear a fresh shirt and always put on some after-shave.

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