Fitness: How to exercise without stepping out of your front door

By Laurel Alper, February 1, 2013

Exercising at home can help you stick to a regime — you save time and, without gym fees, money too. This workout incorporates all the major muscle groups, with each exercise to last for 30 seconds -1 minute. In between each exercise, spend 30 seconds–1 minute stretching different muscles. (Always consult your doctor before beginning a new programme.)

Star Squat: Squat to floor then walk hands out until in plank position. Do a push-up on knees or toes, then walk the hands back to a squat and stand up. Add a star jump at the end to increase intensity.

The Bicycle: In tummy crunch position, lift shoulders off floor, bend knees, extend right leg and clasp bent left knee, continuously switch legs.

Running Plank: Start in plank position and bring right leg towards right elbow, return to plank position. Continuously alternate legs.

Calf Raises: Stand on bottom stair, hold rail for balance then drop both heels to the floor. Repeat.

Shoulder Press: Use two cans (or weights). Stand with feet shoulder-width apart, bring cans to shoulder height then straighten arms overhead.

Hip Circles: On all fours, bend and lift one leg and move in a circular pattern both backward and forward.

Hamstring Kick-Back: Stand with feet hip distance apart, palms on bottom. Kick heels up to your bottom. Keep tummy muscles engaged and don’t lean forward.

Forward lunges with bicep curl: Use two cans, feet hip distance apart, knees soft. As you lunge without letting knees go over toes or leaning forward, bend arms bringing cans to shoulders, keeping elbows at side of body. Drop back knee as close to floor as possible. Step back to start position and repeat with opposite leg.

Tricep dips: Use stairs or a chair against a wall. Aim for straight legs otherwise start by bending knees. Keep elbows close to body, back parallel.

Back Extension: Lie face down on your tummy, arms and legs extended, eyes to floor. Simultaneously lift arms and legs — as soon as the stretch is felt in lower back, hold position.

Cool down with stretches: Fit the workout into your schedule five times a week and you will notice an improvement in your overall fitness, including cardiovascular , muscle endurance and flexibility.

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