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December 4, 2008

In food, as in life, I’m a fraud. In football I cheat because I like both Arsenal and Spurs. In food terms I’m a fraudulent vegetarian.

Breakfast: I have muesli with porridge and dried fruit, preceded by fresh fruit. I’m a great believer in a good breakfast.

Fruit crumble: I do have a sweet tooth and enjoy a home-made crumble. Instead of custard or cream I have it with a little low-fat yoghurt.

Dover sole: I l sometimes like a plain piece of grilled fish, and sole is my favourite.

Shabbat dinner: Along with the greens and roast potatoes, when no one is looking, I’ll have a little chicken. It’s the only meat I eat.
Vegetable stir fry: A combination of tofu , mushroom, noodles and bean sprouts, cooked Chinese-style.

Dietician Joan Wides writes:

Eating breakfast improves concentration and performance during the day. The soluble fibre in porridge oats helps to lower ‘bad’ LDL cholesterol and keep blood sugar stable. Try unsweetened muesli — the added fruit should contribute enough sweetness.

Crumbles make a nutritious dessert, lending themselves to any permutation of fresh fruit. Using dried fruits allows you to reduce the amount of added sugar. Add nuts, seeds or oatmeal to the topping for extra crunch and fibre.

If Alex occasionally chooses to move away from vegetarianism, chicken (eaten without skin) and grilled white fish are excellent sources of protein.

Stir fries represent one of the healthiest methods of cooking: they need very little fat and the brief cooking helps vegetable retain their vitamin and mineral content. Tofu contains isoflavones which are thought to inhibit free radical damage and lower risk of cancer.

Alex Fynn is co-author of Arsenal: The Making of a Modern Superbclub

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