How Jewish is Brad Gilbert?

July 4, 2008

As Wimbledon reaches its climax, “How Jewish Is…” shines the spotlight on Brad Gilbert, the Californian supercoach employed by the Lawn Tennis Association to do the impossible — get more than one British man into the top 100.

Brad Gilbert was a very successful sportsman — a tennis player who achieved a ranking of number four in the world. Is that any kind of job for a nice Jewish boy? Gilbert also describes himself as a “redneck” for his advocacy of the death penalty and passion for Cadillacs. At the peak of his powers, he beat Pete Sampras, Boris Becker and Stefan Edberg, got to the quarter-finals of Wimbledon and the US Open. And you want us to believe he is a Jew? You cannot be serious, man.

Not only is Gilbert properly Jewish, he even went as far as to represent the USA in the Maccabiah Games, the Jewish Olympics, where he won a gold medal in doubles. He also won three singles titles in Tel Aviv — all of them against fellow Jews Amos Mansdorf and Aaron Krickstein. He was a very Jewish type of athlete. He had very little power to his game (his shots have been described as weedy), and he specialised in getting the ball back any way he could to frustrate the more talented goyishe opponents. Plus, in the best Woody Allen tradition, he describes himself as “a neurotic Jew”. In fact, he is said to be so phobic about germs that he carries antibacterial hand lotion everywhere he goes.

Game, set and match to Gilbert.

So we say he is 93% Jewish.

Last updated: 4:25pm, September 23 2009