The grandma making food child’s play

By Victoria Prever, November 15, 2012

How many grandmothers do you know who encourage children to play with their food? Most tut with disapproval while you do your best to enforce discipline.


How to eat well: Don't let age ruin your appetite

By Ian Marber, November 8, 2012

One might be forgiven for thinking that nutrition advice is something that applies only when we want to lose weight or feed kids. But a good diet applies to people of all ages, not least those in later years.


No need to be scared of these cheapies

By Richard Ehrlich, November 8, 2012

Every so often a supermarket chain makes an attempt to take the fright-factor out of wine buying. Yes, fright.

Some people find wine incredibly intimidating. For them, staring at the wine shelves is like looking at a menu in an unfamiliar foreign language.


If you want to get ahead with bread, this is the class you knead

By Lianne Kolirin, November 8, 2012

School: Bake With Maria, London Road, London NW8

Class: An introduction to bread-making

Expectation: The prospect of making bread has always struck me as daunting and time-consuming. I hoped the course would introduce me to the basics and eliminate the fear.


How the Golan reached the gourmet heights

By Anna Harwood, November 8, 2012

The trend for so-called artisan food — locally sourced food and drink made by individual crafts people — is not particular to the UK. In Israel, business at the Shuk in Jerusalem and the farmer’s market at Tel Aviv’s port is booming. Further north, a new region has emerged as a favourite with foodies — the Golan Heights.


Low alcohol intoxicating flavour

By Richard Ehrlich, November 1, 2012

We wine scribes do not always stand around at tastings nodding in agreement about every sip that passes our lips. Wine is a matter of personal preference, and even those with well-trained palates disagree about a particular wine.


Modern vegetarian cooking from aubergine to zhoug

By Julia Noakes, November 1, 2012

Class: Modern vegetarian cookery

Expectation: To learn some great vegetarian recipes and gain new kitchen skills.

On Offer: A morning of hands-on cooking — and eating — and an afternoon of demonstrations with the opportunity to assist.


Times are frugal, revisit the kugel

By Denise Phillips, November 1, 2012

In these times of austerity, Ashkenazi cooking has a head start on most. A cuisine partly with roots in the peasant food of the shtetl, it was the diet of a people living in extreme poverty and insecurity.
Countless dishes are made from inexpensive ingredients or based around a small amount of meat or fish and bulked up with cheaper grains or vegetables. Kugels are a perfect example.


How to eat well: cold comfort in a bowl

By Ian Marber, October 25, 2012

Forget staging a barmitzvah or matchmaking a single 29-year-old, Channel 4 should have got the contenders for Jewish Mum of the Year to come up with a cold remedy. Because every family has their own remedy and they swear by it, but to date there is no proven cure for the common cold.


Here's how to give your baking a makeover

By Victoria Prever, October 25, 2012

STYLE: Who better to accompany you into the kitchen to whip up a batch of scones than the National Trust? It’s like having your grandma patting you encouragingly on the back. The cover is as beautiful as a National Trust garden.