Seasonal eating: Reach for the festival road map

By Victoria Prever, December 15, 2015

Seasonal eating has been a big trend in recent years. Every chef, cookery writer and food journalist worth their (smoked) salt advocates it, although according to Amelia Saltsman - author of The Seasonal Jewish Kitchen - we've been doing it for centuries.


Getting the best out of their gefilte

By Victoria Prever, December 10, 2015

Gefilte fish is a Marmite dish with image problems. Its shortcomings in the looks and flavour departments mean it would by no stretch of the imagination ever be termed "gourmet".

That was before New Yorkers Liz Alpern, Jeffrey Yoskowitz and Jackie Lilinshtein founded catering company the Gefilteria in 2012.


'Healthier' doughnuts: a possibility?

November 26, 2015

What is it?

A set of colourful silicone moulds and a fancy cutter.

What does it promise?

An easy-to-use kit way to make baked, not fried, doughnuts for a healthier treat.

What does it do?


Cooking up a storm in 2015

By Victoria Prever, November 19, 2015

Once upon a time, kitchens were simple - fridge, hob, oven, done.

Everything's changed. White goods are "intelligent" and there's a mindboggling plethora of gadgets - hot water taps with silly names, built-in coffee machines, steam ovens and even "domino" hobs.


No kitchen nightmares for Ramsay’s Peled

By Victoria Prever, November 5, 2015

Gordon Ramsay is famed for his colourful language and unforgiving attitude in pursuit of culinary perfection.

When he appoints a young chef to head up the kitchen at his newest restaurant, you can be sure that the chef's skills will be top class and they'll be a tough cookie.


Mexi-kosher: a very unlikely shidduch

By Anthea Gerrie, October 29, 2015

Gefilte fish smothered with chillies, gribenes with guacamole - it would be hard to think of two more diametrically opposed culinary traditions than those of Eastern Europe and Mexico.

One is heavy, bland fare created for cold-weather comfort, the other - hot weather peasant food infused with the heat of chilli peppers, zesty lime juice and the pungency of cumin and coriander.


Tips from the pros on making your own challah

October 21, 2015

Leader of the North West London Great Challah Make, Rebbetzin Joanne Dove, and professional baker Tami Isaacs Pearce both make a lot of challah. Here are their pointers:


● Yeast: use whichever type you prefer. Dove prefers fresh yeast "because you can see it's active straight away" but Isaacs Pearce recommends easy-blend which goes straight into the flour.


Three mums who gave up their jobs to bake a living

By Victoria Prever, October 8, 2015

Since the first Great British Bake Off hit our TV screens in 2010, a career in cake has become everybody's pipe(d) dream.

JC Food met three mums who spend much of their working week elbow deep in flour, butter, eggs and sugar, to find out what it's really like.

Natalie Allen left a six-figure salary as a project manager in the City to bake.


Why it's time to save the (Medjool) date

By Anthea Gerrie, September 24, 2015

Sales of dates are soaring, and the increased appetite for them is great news for Israel. Although the country is only the world's 18th largest date producer it commands some 60 per cent of the export market for Medjool dates - the most prized and succulent variety.


New flavours for Ottolenghi as he looks East

By Victoria Prever, September 17, 2015

Anyone who has cooked one of Yotam Ottolenghi's recipes knows they are not 15-minute meals. The ingredients won't all be in most home cooks' pantries. Sourcing them often entails a trip to a large supermarket or specialist ethnic grocer.