It’s all coming up rosé(s) for Tulip

By Anthea Gerrie, December 12, 2013

They call it the Village of Hope. Kfar Tikva is a tiny hamlet in Israel where the point has been proven that people with special needs can earn a living — and integrate with society instead of being hidden away in isolation. And the source of their interaction is particularly joyous, perpetuating Israel’s burgeoning reputation as a producer of fine wine.


A wealth of foodie diary dates for 2014

By Michael Leventhal, December 12, 2013

Sydney recently held its first Jewish food festival for 700 enthusiastic visitors. An Australian Ashkenazi-Sephardi cook-off saw Ashkenazi Rebbetzin Esty Gutnick and her daughter Chanie Light claim victory over the Sephardi boys Shaul Ezekial and Joseph Bekhor with their cinnamon buns and chocolate babka with a brioche challah dough.


Man in the kitchen: Can't refuse this fusion

By Simon Round, December 9, 2013

The term fusion food has come into disrepute in the past few years. Back in the 90s it seemed like every trendy restaurant was combining Pacific Rim cuisine with Sicilian ingredients and coming out with something both expensive and inedible.


Tuck into Thanksgivukkah

By Victoria Prever - recipe by Denise Phillips, November 21, 2013

What do you get when Thanksgiving and Chanucah fall on the same day? Thanksgivukkah — of course.
On November 28, for the first time since 1899, the two holidays fall on the same day. It will not happen again in our lifetime. The term Thanksgivukkah, coined by Boston marketing executive, Dana Gitell, has rapidly caught on across the US.


Festive wine gifts that keep on giving

By Richard Ehrlich, November 21, 2013

I was thrilled to learn that Chanucah, my second favourite Jewish holiday, coincides this year with my favourite American holiday. The second candle will be lit on November 28 which is Thanksgiving.
Latkes and turkey, anyone?


What it means when your doctor says . . . . We live in exciting times

November 18, 2013

I really get quite excited when I think about the history of medicine. I studied it at school, long before I was a doctor, learning about Galen’s humours and Jenner’s smallpox.


DIY doughnuts and gourmet Limmud

By Michael Leventhal, November 14, 2013

Chanucah is coming: on November 27 the LJCC is hosting a children’s cookery masterclass including edible menorahs for the festival. Fabienne Viner-Luzzato is running this workshop and also arranging a doughnut decorating at the Ivy House Chanucah Fair on November 24. See for details.


Doing a Jamie for Israel’s lost youths

By Anthea Gerrie, November 14, 2013

What does Wizo have in common with Jamie Oliver? You’d be forgiven for thinking it might just be a penchant for hearty food with a Mediterranean flavour produced in the flagship catering college they sponsor, to judge by the feast their alumni served up recently at an event in London.


Man in the kitchen: Pasta for marathon man

By Simon Round, November 11, 2013

As someone who writes about and cooks food, I naturally spend a lot of time eating. I realised some time ago that this was beginning to have consequences for my waistline. Being a man, I decided that Weightwatchers and low fat food was not the answer — I could not see myself eating yogurts, cottage cheese and crispbreads all day.


How to be a modern balaboosta

By Victoria Prever, November 7, 2013

‘Balaboosta” invokes images of a well-covered, dowdy Yiddishe pensioner who force-feeds bridge rolls and chopped liver to anyone within reach.

But New York chef Einat Admony interprets it as a person of any age who tirelessly cooks, cleans and takes care of the physical, spiritual and emotional needs of her family.