I’m over the moon now I can make perfect macaroons

REVIEW Julia Noakes masters the art of preparing multi-coloured mini meringues

By Julia Noakes, November 29, 2012

Class: Mastering Macaroons at Atelier des Chefs in the City of London.

Expectation: To make perfect macaroons.

On Offer: Two hours making four selected flavours of macaroons. I chose peanut butter with raspberry, chilli-spiced tonka bean with white chocolate, lime and fresh ginger butter cream, and salted butter caramel.

What we did: The chef helped the group make the macaroon mixture before adding different colours and transferring to piping bags. We learned how to pipe perfect, professional-looking macaroons. Macaroons need to form a skin before baking so while we waited we made the fillings.

The chef demonstrated a delicious salt caramel. I was in charge of the white chocolate filling and was praised for my vigorous beating technique. Once the macaroons were cool we filled and tasted them before filling the boxes to take home.

Who was there: Fourteen sweet-toothed baking novices.

Nosh: We tasted everything during cooking.

Takeaway: A box of rainbow coloured macaroons. The next day I received a link to all the recipes plus access to the 100s of recipes on the Atelier website.

Verdict: I loved the course but would have preferred to have made everything myself rather than in a group, which was quite large.

Top tip: So many. Here are a couple: After piping your macaroons, drop the tray on the counter top twice to expel big air bubbles; and while cooking, place a folded piece of kitchen towel in the oven door to allow excess moisture to escape.

Kosher: No

Cost: £72

Contact: www.atelierdeschefs.co.uk

Last updated: 4:45pm, November 29 2012