Smart choices for New Year

By Sarah Tankel, September 26, 2008

Deciding what to wear in synagogue over the festivals can be tricky. We offers three solutions to the problem.

Some people find Yomtov dressing as easy as pie. Others, like moi, always end up stressed, late and, well, not quite right.

With the beloved summer tan faded, and that slender beach bod gone, all of a sudden we need to look smart, proper and appropriate, and that is without considering the good old British weather.

Inevitably it boils down to three options (although this makes it no easier): the suit, the dress, and the skirt-and-top combo. Boring as these may sound, there are some surprisingly charming pieces out there.

Once again, fashion has decreed that the suit, be it trouser, skirt or even jump (!), is yet another trend to be seen in this season.

While Dior showcased bright and bold two-pieces in a mix of fun fabrics, at Chanel and Lanvin the palette was moodier, with grey, navy and black numbers leading the way.

One thing they all had in common - the waist. There is no escaping that the only way to wear your suit in 2008 is belted in at the middle, so I suggest you locate that waist pronto.

Off the catwalk, Warehouse's chocolate treat (left) is not to be missed - just add a matching bag and tights for the finishing touch.











And for those who prefer something more classic, Principles' pinstriped puppy (left) is everything you ever wanted in a suit - neat, stylish and elegant in one.

Of all the looks being flaunted by the designers right now, the 2-in-1 dress is the one to try. And if Balenciaga is anything to go by, it is hot, hot, hot. Incredible as it may sound, the 2-in-1 looks like a skirt and top but is actually a dress. Better still, it is satisfyingly flattering, pulling you in where you need it most - hiding those post-summer rolls nicely. 








Top of my wishlist is Wallis's sell-out pussy-bow number (left). If you are lucky enough to get your mitts on one, team it with some statement black heels and those trusty opaque tights. (Tights are crucial for any shul outfit; aside from avoiding hypothermia - a possibility with the plummeting temperatures - they keep things classy.)

These days there is nothing easier than the skirt-and-top combo and undoubtedly we all have a black skirt skulking somewhere.

Yet it seems the high-waisted number is once again ubiquitous this season thanks to Louis Vuitton, YSL and the rest.




Still, if you consider yourself phobic about high-waisted skirts, help is at hand. Simply team yours with an on-trend ruffle shirt or must-have polo-neck - easy! Miss Selfridge shows you just how to do it with their monochrome shirt and pencil skirt (left). Good Yomtov!










Sarah Tankel is a GMTV stylist and fashion writer.

Last updated: 10:04am, September 25 2009