Onesie more thing

By Brigit Grant, December 20, 2012
Soul Cal US flag, £50,

Soul Cal US flag, £50,

I would like to apologise to my step-son Michael. About two years ago he walked into the kitchen wearing a bright green zip-up baby-gro. At least that is what it looked like and we all fell about laughing.

“Surely you’re not going out in that?” we chimed as he headed for the door in his romper made by the Norwegian company OnePiece. “Yes,” he said and clearly he was on to something, as now everyone from Brat Pitt to One Direction has one or more for work, rest and play.

I thought it was 2012’s coolest piece of clothing until I saw Louis Walsh wearing one, but that hasn’t stopped me from wearing it to walk the dog. Oh, and to do the school-run, and to watch TV… let’s just say, onesie on, it never comes off.

Last updated: 4:01pm, December 20 2012