Fashion and Beauty Editor's cheeky Chanucah gift ideas

By Brigit Grant, November 29, 2012

I don’t need a reason to shop, but Chanukah is as good as any, and with many of us now buying gifts online, I thought you should have a head start at the Post Office with a few ideas that have a fashion feel. Oh, and as the mother of a five-year-old girl, I make no apology for the selection, but grown-ups will enjoy them too.
Take The Dumpling Dolls (pictured).

Freshly-baked and dressed in bespoke clothing, and patent shoes, I was hooked from the moment I heard they were created from Mrs Dumpling’s tears. You can read their sad tale on the enchanting website which is the work (as are the dolls) of Scott and Gill Harris. “I considered calling them kneidel dolls, but wasn’t sure everyone would get it,” said Scott aka Mr Dumpling. For £25 you can choose a doll with your dress sense at www.mrsdumpling. com or call the bakery direct on 0781 3313266.

For a beauty gift with a Chanucah slant, nail decals (no. 6) featuring everything from stick-on dreidels to Stars of David are a novelty. Rabbi Yael Buechler came up with her “Torah meets nail art” as a fun way to get the girls at her New York school to study Midrash. Order now for $11.99 at if you want them in time for the festival.

If you don’t want to risk international post, the Nail Art Party Pack (no. 4, £9.99), which has a gem wheel with over 500 nail art embellishments, is near at hand at River Island ( And then there are the cat (£45) and mouse (£36) brooches at
So cute, but as a scribe I’d prefer her speech mark earrings(£24).

I’ve lots more ideas, but no room, so look out for them next week, and see the JC Chanucah gift supplement on November 30.

Last updated: 3:10pm, November 29 2012