Resting on her florals

By Lianne Kolirin, September 21, 2010

A new skincare collection based around the white peony has been launched by a woman with no previous experience of the beauty industry.

Dianna Cohen was on a business trip to Taiwan four years ago when she noticed the smooth, youthful skin of the women and began asking questions.

"I discovered that the local women regularly consume the root and petals of the white peony, which is a natural antioxidant and has been known for hundreds of years for its healing and beauty properties," she explained.

At the time, Dianna, now 65, was working in fibre optics but had "long been on a personal quest" to find the perfect cream.

"Like most women I didn't like the idea of looking older and I wanted to find a skincare product that really worked.

"In Taiwan they say that the woman who drinks the peony root is beautiful. I was sceptical, but when I did some research, I was impressed. It was totally different from any other products I had encountered."

Thus at 63, Milton Keynes-based Dianna launched Peony Rejuvenates, immersing herself in every aspect of the business, from creating the luxurious and fragrant creams and lotions to designing the bottles.

"The white peony, on which the creams are all based, is extremely potent and effective, yet is very gentle," says Dianna. The plants are grown in the company's biodynamic garden, to provide the right protection and also to ensure the highest purity and ethical standards.

The skincare collection, which is organic and suitable for all skin-types, has face and body products, including a rejuvenating day cream, juniper exfoliating crystals and a hydrating body lotion.

Though suitable - and effective - for women of all ages, Dianna recognises that it will appeal to those who, like her, are looking for effective anti-ageing products.

"The hydrating facial mask is one of the most popular. It hydrates the skin, improves blood circulation and re-plumps wrinkles."

Another hero product is the Pro-Collagen & Cell Renewal Serum, a light, but intensive anti-ageing serum which nourishes and plumps skin.

The range is available only at Fenwick, Brent Cross, or from

Last updated: 3:55pm, September 21 2010