Dealing with hair loss

By Brigit Grant, May 30, 2013

It could be an age thing or stress, but I recently developed a bald patch bang in the centre of my hair. Confidently hirsute and hot on mane maintenance, I was shocked (horrified actually) when I spotted the depilated gap which had appeared without warning. Though half the size of a 50 pence piece, when the wind blew or I flicked the wrong way, it flashed like a winking beacon in the dark. And though I know others cope with far greater hair loss, I wanted mine back — and fast.

Alopecia, which causes baldness, is thought to be an auto-immune disorder, with the immune system — the body’s defence system — turning on itself. There are different types of alopecia with different patterns of hair loss, though typically, one or more small bald patches appear on the scalp with hair regrowing at one site, while another bald patch develops.

It is also possible that hair may begin to thin all over the head, which I’m praying doesn’t happen, but as a precaution I have started Dermaheal HL Hair Loss treatment.
HL is a mesotherapy treatment which helps growth by revitalising the hair follicles and stimulating blood circulation. It also improves the condition of the scalp and increases the thickness and fullness of hair. The procedure consists of injecting a cocktail of vitamins into the skin and is applied to the head with a micro needle roller.

It doesn’t hurt and the side effects are minimal — minor skin irritation. So encouraged by the before and after pictures, I signed up and there are already signs of new shoots.

It’s a three-month treatment at a cost of £350 per session, which is the real “ouch!” But this Rapunzel is not ready to retire yet. Now I know mesotherapy has been used for years to improve the quality and structure of the face and body (especially around the most sensitive areas such as the eyelids, neck, chest and hands). So my hair isn’t the only place I’ll be trying it.

To speed and enhance the regrowth I’m also using Nanogen Hair Thickening Growth Factor Shampoo (£8.95) and conditioner(£9.95), together with their Growth Factor Treatment Serum (£29.95) which restores hair condition and protects the scalp. Nanogen also do Hair Nutritional Supplements which contain cysteine, vitamin B6 and biotin, which supports amino acid metabolism to build up the hair shaft.

As I said, I am on it, but it doesn’t happen overnight, so I’ve been using Nanogen Fibres (£29.95), which are dispensed like salt and pepper on to bare patches or pates. Made from keratin and available in a range of shades, they blend into my own hair and are held in place with Fibre Locking Mist (£11.95). They even stay in under water. Now when the wind blows, I can face it head on.

For mesotherapy contact medical aesthetics specialist Deborah Forsyth on 01546 777839/07500 105218 for a free £100 consultation. Nanogen products are available from Boots nationwide and

Last updated: 3:58pm, May 30 2013