Ask the QC

How to do business with friends

By Jonathan Goldberg, July 23, 2009

Brian from Knightsbridge writes:
For over 41 years my wife and I have worked together in a small but highly profitable family business. Last year we received an offer to sell out to a conglomerate, which seemed too good to refuse. Our chartered accountant, who has been a family friend since school, played an active role throughout the many months of difficult negotiations. He prepared all the financial statements and sat with us in many of the business meetings with the buyers. It is only fair to say that we relied heavily on his business acumen.


When PC laws smack of nonsense

By Jonathan Goldberg, June 25, 2009

Joy from Manchester writes:

My cleaning lady, who is originally from Angola, is a wonderful person and the single mother of a 10-year-old child. She often brings her daughter to my home, she is a caring and devoted mother and the child is an absolute credit to her.


Ask the QC: 'Give me presents back or I'll sue'

By Jonathan Goldberg, June 1, 2009

Linda from Wimbledon writes: “My beloved younger sister, now approaching 50, has great personality and looks like Elizabeth Taylor, but she has always been naïve with men. After her second divorce, she got engaged to a rich man who gave her lavish gifts including clothes, jewellery, a car and a mink coat. As an engagement present, he bought a yacht in the South of Spain in their joint names. They held a big engagement party at which they also received numerous gifts from friends.


Ask the QC: ‘My husband is running a sauna’

By Jonathan Goldberg, April 22, 2009

The theme of many questions this week concerns attorney/client confidentiality.

● For example, Sandra of Hampstead writes: “I am contemplating divorce. I have discovered that my husband, whom I believed to be a property manager, is in fact operating a sauna establishment. My concern is, if I go to a divorce solicitor, how can I be sure he will not gossip to colleagues, wife or friends, which would be ruinous to myself and my children?”