Ask the QC

In a twist over an exercise class injury

By Jonathan Goldberg, May 1, 2012

Sandra from Hendon writes:


I give my clients gifts. Am I guilty of bribery?

By Jonathan Goldberg, March 16, 2012

Harry from Whetstone writes:

My company is essentially a family business, founded originally by my grandfather. We are long-established in the field of sporting goods and we export heavily. We employ upwards of 200 people and our turnover has held up remarkably well despite current economic conditions.


What can I do about my daughter's scary ex?

By Jonathan Goldberg, February 17, 2012

Kathy from Hampstead writes: My daughter, aged 26 ,has almost qualified as an architect. She is a beautiful girl and boys have flocked around her since she was a teenager, but she is also level-headed.


A prenuptial is an arrangement hardly worth making

By Jonathan Goldberg, January 12, 2012

Frieda from Leeds writes: My only son is in his mid-thirties and he is a truly lovely boy with a heart of gold. However, I have to recognise as his mother that he is a boy of simple ways and a loner, who has sometimes been taken advantage of.

He works hard, but his career prospects as a retail salesman are modest.


Why secrets are sacred when you divorce

By Jonathan Goldberg, December 8, 2011

Jessica from Weybridge writes: My daughter has been married for over 22 years to a successful businessman. They enjoy an enviable lifestyle with homes here and abroad, smart cars, etc. I have three lovely grandchildren. We all thought they were happy together, but we were wrong. My daughter has discovered he is having an affair.


Trees the root of a dispute

By Jonathan Goldberg, November 3, 2011

Joseph from Maidenhead writes: I am lucky enough to live in a modern detached house with a large garden. My house was originally built on land purchased from a wealthy farmer who was my neighbour, until he died some three years ago.

He was a very nice man, but his widow, I am sorry to say, has become impossible to live with.


We've found treasure. Can we keep it?

By Jonathan Goldberg, September 27, 2011

Jason from Ilford writes: My beloved father-in-law recently died at the age of 85. He was a Holocaust survivor. He was always good at DIY. My wife, in company with a local builder, was renovating the basement at his home, which he used as his workshop, when they found something extraordinary.


The DIY way to bring a case to court

By Jonathan Goldberg, August 25, 2011

Annette from Newcastle writes: "My 24-year-old daughter starts a postgraduate course at a London college in the coming term. Together with a girlfriend, she was searching for rented accommodation in west London.
Recently, it seemed that she had struck lucky, using an apparently reputable local estate agent. She inspected a flat for which the landlord was seeking a rent of £375 a week.


How to recover stolen goods - discreetly

By Jonathan Goldberg, July 14, 2011

Richard from Birmingham writes:

I trade at the top end of the watch business. I happen to be a gay man, but I do not choose to advertise the fact. I am now facing a terrible dilemma. I was with a younger man for about five years, but we parted company some months ago. When he left, he stole from my safe at home three rare and beautiful antique watches of extremely high value.


The law can collar a dangerous dog

By Jonathan Goldberg, June 16, 2011

Gillian from Totteridge writes: I was exercising my dog on local parkland last week. She is a small Highland terrier. She was playing happily when an Alsatian suddenly attacked her. Both dogs were off the lead. By the time I was able to separate them, my dog had sustained serious bite injuries, and I myself was almost knocked off my feet by the ferocity of the Alsatian.