Time to hear a fairy story

All you need for a fashionable sprites party

By Brigit Grant, April 11, 2013
Fairy jem came to entertain the winged wand carriers. (fairyjems.co.uk)

Fairy jem came to entertain the winged wand carriers. (fairyjems.co.uk)

The bottom of the garden is not a place one usually goes to for fashion inspiration. Unless of course you happen to be a fairy — or want to dress like one — which is exactly what I did last week for my daughter’s sixth birthday.

Having mutually agreed on “fairy” as a theme, it was my job to transform the sitting room into a rarefied kingdom (too cold for the garden) and dress the star sprite in something suitably ethereal.
Secure in the knowledge that Miuccia Prada, Christian Lacroix and Valentino had all faced similar design dilemmas over the years with their fairy-inspired gowns for the catwalk, I faced the challenge head on and immediately ordered a costume from Angels (£14.99).

Well, it’s not as if I had a salon full of magical seamstresses to sew on the sparkles and feathers. And there was my own sylph-like attire to consider as I believe it’s a mother’s duty to maintain the dress code.
The great thing about spring (if anyone has now seen it) is the proliferation of floral/cute and occasionally diaphanous clothing for fairies — even those on an imp’s budget.

The essential Tinkerbelle cake by Harriett Pena (02084 495254)

The essential Tinkerbelle cake by Harriett Pena (02084 495254)

I went for a sage green net maxi-skirt splashed with pearls by Darling, who also make the skirt in a dusky pink which is lovely teamed with a Danilo Gabrieli top. With the addition of a Monsoon floral crown, I was not only ready for Madison’s party, but had a timeless outfit for any summer party, as well as Glastonbury where fairy fashion is de rigeur, though the get-up is not so celestial if one has to team it with wellingtons.
What one really needs with this outfit is a pair of heels from Irregular Choice.

The aptly-named Fairies In A Jar court shoes are designed by Danny Sullivan who had no formal training as a shoe designer, but clearly has the magic touch.

As the clock struck three our leaf-strewn sitting room was a sea of tiny wings and wands and Harriett Pena arrived with the Tinkerbelle cake (0208 449 5254) just in time for the arrival of Fairy Jem (07847 472015), our entertainer who not only knows how to pull that pixie-look together (skirt sprayed with flowers, May Queen crown and huge gossamer wings) but held everyone’s attention with her sprite stories, impressive magic and hilarious games.

Let’s just say by the time she left, it wasn’t only the children who believed in fairies and now the bottom of our garden has acquired a new sense of style.

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