Judaism books

The Archaeology of the Holy Land

January 16, 2013

What lies beneath the soil of Israel? An introduction to archaeological discovery from "the destruction of Solomon’s Temple to the Muslim conquest", from an American professor of religious studies.


The Men's Section

August 24, 2012

What impact has participation in egalitarian minyans made on Orthodox men? A look at a fascinating contemporary trend with implications for Jewish religious life.


The Lifestyle Five Books of Moses

July 6, 2012

A new commentary and translation of the Chumash, presenting the Torah as “a guide to your inner self which…can illuminate every possible human experience.” Its distillation of rabbinic teachings includes “Kabbalah Bites.”


The Arrow of Justice

By Simon Rocker, May 21, 2012

Rabbi Aryeh Leib(Lionel) Broder addresses the question of why does God allow cruelty in the world and other hot topics in his examination of biblical stories, from Joab’s conquest of Jerusalem to the tragic naivety of the last king of Judah, Zedekiah.


Make Yourself A Teacher

February 16, 2012

Susan Handleman
University of Washington Press, $30

Bar-Ilan Professor of English Susan Handelman looks at educational ideals and teaching traditions through the stories about the talmudic sage Rabbi Eliezer ben Hyrcanus.


The Torah

January 19, 2012

Joel S Kaminsky, Joel N Lohr
Beginner's Guides
One World, £9.99

A brief guide to the Five Books of Moses by two American professors, looking at religious and academic approaches. An unusual feature is that it also gives examples of the use of the text by Christianity.


The Koren Mesorat Harav Siddur

January 4, 2012

Koren, OU, $32.95

This new siddur combines Lord Sacks' translation of the prayers with commentary from the late Rabbi Joseph Soloveitchik, one of the most influential Orthodox rabbis of the last century. An introduction to Soloveitchik's thought has contributions from Lord Sacks and others


Angels at the Table: a Practical Guide to Celebrating Shabbat

By Rabbi Harvey Belovski, November 21, 2011

Yvette Alt Miller
Continuum, £22.99

This ambitious and unusual work combines a step-by-step guide to Shabbat observance, with recipes, song-lyrics and ideas for 'fostering meaningful conversations'. Harvard-graduate Miller's work dispels myths about the value and practicalities of Shabbat observance for modern suburban families.


Solomon – the Lure of Wisdom

July 29, 2011

Steven Weitzman
Yale University Press, £18.99

He was the wisest man on earth, he built the Temple and he had hundreds of wives and concubines…Stanford University professor Steven Weitzman revisits the life of King Solomon in a new biography.


The Complete World of the Dead Sea Scrolls

June 24, 2011

Philip R. Davis, George J. Brooke and Phillip R.Callaway
Thames & Hudson, £14.95

Three leading scholars of the Dead Sea Scrolls provide an illustrated introduction to one of the greatest manuscript discoveries in a new paperback version.