Trees grow local links to the JCC

February 3, 2011

In anticipation of its move to permanent premises in 2013, the Jewish Community Centre for London has created an environmentally friendly project for young people.

Ten schools near the new building in Finchley Road, Hampstead, will each nurture a fruit tree sapling during the construction process over the next two-and-a-half years.

Pupils will give regular updates of their trees' development to the JCC's website and Twitter feed. Once the building opens, school representatives will be invited to a ceremony at which they will be asked to donate their trees to local institutions.

JCC wants to encourage respect for the environment and foster a relationship with the schools and the institutions to which the trees are donated.

At North West London Jewish Day School, head Rabbi Daniel Kerbel was pleased to be part of "this really nice project. I'm praying that my pupils will be sufficiently green fingered to keep the tree happy and healthy to hand over to a worthy permanent home".

JCC creative director Juliet Simmons was thrilled by the "warmth and enthusiasm with which schools - almost all of them non-Jewish - have responded to the invitation".

Last updated: 2:39pm, February 3 2011