Death threats over Israeli's Gaza film

By Robyn Rosen, January 27, 2011
The film was broadcast on Wednesday evening

The film was broadcast on Wednesday evening

An Israeli filmmaker has allegedly received death threats after a film she made about Israeli soldiers was aired on Channel 4 last night.

Nurit Kedar told Channel 4 News she had received threatening messages on the internet and her mobile.

The special report showed clips from Ms Kedar’s film, Concrete, where she interviewed IDF soldiers who had taken part in Operation Cast Lead in late 2008.

Ms Kedar told Channel 4 News: “I have had phone calls saying 'you should be hanged' and calling me a traitor.

“People have sent me messages calling for me to be expelled from Israel, saying I am a traitor to my mother and father.”

“During the film, the English translation of one soldier’s testimony, said he was ordered to “cleanse” a Palestinian neighbourhood.”

But a spokesman from the Israeli Embassy in London said this was a mistranslation and that it was a term used by soldiers to describe when they are not under threat during a search, the nearest equivalent being “clear”.

“The weight they gave to that without checking its meaning was unprofessional,” he said.

“We found the editing problematic and it was not good journalism. It was disappointing and shameful.

“The impression the editing gave was that soldiers criticising is a new phenomena. This is ridiculous. This is a society which is able to criticise itself. Israel investigates in open courts, covered in the media all cases of wrongdoing.”

He added he has complained to Channel 4.

Last updated: 2:59pm, January 28 2011