Westdene fined after post-match clashes

By David Gold, February 3, 2011

Westdene have been fined by the Lancashire FA following a scuffle after a match with Sporting JLGB.

Westdene won a bad-tempered contest which boiled over after the final whistle when Brad Levy was set upon by some Sporting players. Paul Levy, his father, then ran on to the pitch to break up the fight.

Referee Tim Myerson's report criticised Westdene boss Paul Levy and the club was charged "for failure to control a Westdene member or fan". Steve Davis defended Westdene alongside Levy at the hearing and they took Sporting's Rafi Bloom to speak in their defence.

The FA ruled that, under Rule 5, the referee's decision is final, and found against the club. Westdene were fined £25.

Davis said: "We were found guilty of a technicality because Paul went on the pitch and lifted his hands. Paul Levy did exactly what anyone would have done. There was no brawl."

Levy was philosophical after the hearing. He said: "It was stupid. We were fined £25. It cost more than that to get to the hearing. I understand they have to go with the referees otherwise they would have none left."

Last updated: 3:17pm, February 3 2011