Israel Connect European Young Leadership Conference

Submitted by ZF
Monday 10 October
8:35am - 10 November 2011, 4:00pm
1318235700 - 1320940800 1318235700
For Young Professionals The Israel Connect European Young Leadership Programme is a programme run by the Zionist Federation UK. This Leadership Programme is an elite European next generation programme for young adults (aged between 21 and 35) who are active in Israel advocacy. The programme aims to create a network of young competent leaders, who will be given the knowledge and the tools to deal with promoting Israel and Zionism, to enable them to become ambassadors of Israel. The programme consists of 5 conferences throughout the year, throughout Europe, and always consists of high level speakers and trainers aimed at improving your educational level, as well as skill set level. This programme is highly subsidized, and participants are accepted by application only. We look, ideally, for candidates from each country around Europe (where possible), in order to bring together to educate with high level speakers (both educationally and with different skills sets) as well as to network, share ideas and learn from each other. Please email if you are interested in participating / receiving more information.
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