Israel not on song at Eurovision

By Alex Kasriel, May 18, 2009

Israel's plea for peace fell on deaf ears at the Eurovision Song Contest last night as the country ranked only 16th out of 25 competitors.

Well known Jewish Israeli peace activist Noa (real name, Achinoam Nini) and Israeli Arab Mira Awad sung There Must Be Another Way in Arabic, Israeli and English as they held each others hands and banged on Olive Oil tins.

But the song, performed at the Olimpsky Concert Hall in Moscow on Saturday night, did not convince voters, who picked Norway's Alexander Rybak and his song Fairytale as winner with 387 points.

The UK - whose entry It's My Time, sung by Jade Ewen and written by Andrew Lloyd Webber, came in at a respectable fifth - didn't award Israel any points, preferring efforts by Norway, Turkey and Germany.

But Israel's competitors took their middling score well. They had said they did not care if they were placed last, so long as they got their message across.

And Nini told Army Radio on Sunday morning: “We saw who we were up against, and although it could have been better, we are very satisfied, and we feel we really did something.”

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