LFI's Luciana Berger campaigns in Liverpool

April 15, 2010

Liverpool's Wavertree is the heart of the Jewish community, with Harold House Community Centre, the King David Schools and two of the city's four synagogues.

Here we find Luciana Berger, director of the Labour Friends of Israel, on the stump, trying to keep the seat held for Labour by Jane Kennedy since 1992.

With five candidates in the ring - Labour, LibDem, Tory, UKIP and Green - Luciana, whose first election this is, has a tough fight on her hands.

The LibDems' Colin Eldridge, a local councillor, also has high hopes, because he is known to the Jewish community and took part in a Reform Seder this Pesach. But the only home-grown candidate is the Tory Andrew Garnett, born in the constituency. It's "not an easy seat," he says.

Last updated: 4:27pm, April 15 2010