No smiles from Mr Mubarak

By Simon Rocker, February 3, 2011

Former Sky News presenter Vivien Creegor recalls hosting an event to raise the profile of Gamal Mubarak, son of President Hosni and long thought his preferred successor to rule the Arab republic.

Ms Creegor has chaired international conferences and was introduced to Gamal through his mother Suzanne. Mubarak junior was scheduled to do a question and answer session with the foreign press in Cairo's main sports stadium.

But before taking the stage, he and Egypt's trade minister began asking her about the then Prime Minister Gordon Brown, whose fortunes were on the wane back home. "I heard myself say 'Well, I think the British people aren't very happy having a Prime Minister foisted on them without voting for him'," she said.

A remark which drew a rather stony face from the president-in-waiting, though not as stony as he would likely be wearing in Cairo today.

Last updated: 2:09pm, February 3 2011