'Everyone gets on - that makes me proud to be Jewish'

November 10, 2011

IJPS year-six pupils describe their year as very close-knit, despite the diversity of backgrounds and ethnicity. Several who joined in the past year did not speak English.

One is Jade Poitou, 10, who lived in France. "I didn't speak English but it has been very easy to learn here, and I have made friends," she said. "It's interesting that it is a Jewish school because I can learn more new languages, like Hebrew."

By contrast, Saul Freedman, 11, had been at IJPS since nursery. He had enjoyed his time at the school and was "looking forward to going to King Solomon".

Another Jewish pupil, Rebecca Delamere, 11, came to IJPS at reception, left the school, but later returned. "I didn't really like my old school, I like it better here," she said. "Everyone gets on - most of the time, anyway - and that makes me proud to be Jewish."

Non-Jew Dumitru Chicu, 10, said it was "easy to make friends here and we don't have arguments. I learn new things about Hebrew and Israel and about the Jewish community. I think I will keep being pretty interested."

Last updated: 12:35pm, November 10 2011