The Sunday Defensive: Further Complications

A wildly inventive hour from the Buckinghamshire-raised duo

By Lee Levitt, August 16, 2010
The Sunday Defensive

The Sunday Defensive

I arrived a few minutes late for this show in the poorly signposted Pleasance Hut, but - having been warmly welcomed by Jacob Edwards on stage - was quickly transported into the zany otherworld he and fellow producer/comedian Phil Gilbert inhabit as he bent down on one knee, lifted up his friend's shirt, gripped the top of his trousers and blew several lengthy raspberries on to his stomach. "We hate that," he explained, helpfully.

In a wildly inventive hour, the Buckinghamshire-raised duo - who met in 2002 when Edwards was a runner and Gilbert was doing work experience on Channel 4's Popworld - have immense fun poking a red-hot iron up the skirt of British reserve in a series of zany sketches loosely based on their characters'impending civil partnership.

Whether profusely apologising to one another, or in Edwards' case talking while gorging on a slab of Red Leicester cheese, playing a raccoon called Kevin, or hamming up Forrest Gump burying his wife while suffering from indigestion after swallowing a fish finger-grilling machine (not entirely British, but very funny nonetheless), the Pythonesque pair are a joy to watch.

They are currently writing and presenting an online movie review show for Orange, called Movie Mates, and one senses that it won't be too long before they graduate for good from the "shipping crate at the back end of a car park", as Edwards delicately puts it - on stage, of course.

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